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Mexico All Inclusive Package Deals

Robert asks…

Would I be able to go on vacation with my friends?

I am 16 years old and I am wondering if I can go to an all inclusive resort in Mexico, Cuba, or Dominican Republic with only my friends, who are also 16, no adults. If not, how about at the age of 17? We would be travelling from Canada and obviously, we would buy an all inclusive vacation package.

Tijuana answers:

Unfortunately no. You have to have at least one 18 year old to claim the room, and they must have a CC unless you pay in full for the room upfront. I have called many resorts in regards to this exact question and have gotten the same answer from all of them. Have you found what you are looking for as far as resort renting? I have used two different companies in the past before. I’ll include links for you in case!

Here’s a link for resorts in the DR

Here’s one for Mexico

You can search for deals too. I would have included links but their search engine wasn’t working at this time.

Good luck, take care!

Chris asks…

Friends and I need help choosing a vacation?

My friends and I have decided to get away together. The four of us decided that we didn’t want to fly to much of a hassle, Didn’t want to drive because the only place to go was Vegas (we’re in LA and we’ve been so many times) SO therefore, a cruise seemed to be the best option… Okay were 21 and 22 yrs old (WOMEN) now we cant figure out what to do to get the best deals. We don’t really want to go super far like the Caribbean, maybe Cancun. HELP!!! Where do we start?

Tijuana answers:

You and your friends DO have passports, correct? If not, this could affect your decision as to where to go and how to get there.

If you don’t feel like traveling too far from home, and aren’t fond of flying, I think a cruise would be ideal. If you’ve never cruised before, and want to find out what it’s like, without spending an arm and a leg, I recommend the Carnival Cruises out of Long Beach. They have a couple different cruises from that area;

1) trip to Catalina Island and back
2) trip to Catalina Island, then to Ensenada, Mexico, then back
3) Trip to Peurto Valetra, Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and back (not sure the order of the ports)

#3 would be the longest, and nicest of the 3. #1 would be the shortest, and least expensive. If you cruise, I recommend a cabin with a large picture window instead of an inside one.

I’m not sure if passports are required for those cruises, so if you or your friends don’t have one yet, definately check with the cruise lines and passport agencies to find out for certain. AND…. If it turns out they’re not needed, apply for passports anyway!

You mentioned Cancun. (You WILL need a passport to go there.) To get there, you will almost certainly need to fly, (Or, if you’re cruising, to a port in the Gulf, such as Texas, New Orleans, or Florida). If you decided to stay at an all-inclusive resort (If you’re not cruising, then all-inclusive, in my opinion, is the only way to do it in the Cancun Area!), I’m sure there are flights from L.A. To Cancun. I live in Salt Lake City, and I had to change planes in Dallas. Total flying time for me was about 5 hours I believe. Wasn’t bad.

I’ve stayed in Cancun twice, and both times were at all-inclusive resorts. There are lots of resorts to choose from. Many of them are right on the beach. They’re great, because, depending on the resort, you really don’t have to go anywhere. The beach is right there, the food is included and usually has a large variety, very similar in quality to what you’ll find on a cruise ship. They treat the tourists like royalty. The color of the ocean in many places in that area is a beautiful shade of torquise, like in those Corona Beer commercials! It’s beautiful.

A cruise may provide you with a little bit more variety as far as things to do and see, but truth be told, the Gulf and the Carribean are much prettier.

For vacation ideas and packages, a good site to check out is

Feel free to e-mail me if you have additional questions about cruising or staying at an all-inclusive.

(No, I do not work in the travel business. I just love traveling, and enjoy helping people. I’ve done 5 cruises and 2 resorts so far.)

Richard asks…

What would be the OVERALL cost for a trip to any Caribbean island?

– Except for Jamaica, Mexico or Cuba 🙂
We want to go in early July
– Fliying from Canada (so either Montreal or Ottawa is preferable)
– I’m going with 3 girls but we want to know how much the price will be for one person
– We way to stay for 7 days
– an allinclusive deal would be preferable
– were not looking for anything crazy expensive or fancy were just looking for a super FUN and PARTY-like atmosphere as our high school grad trip

Tijuana answers:

Nassau, Bahamas is probably the best bet in July. It is a safe town to walk around, people speak english , the Atlantis water park is right across the bay & people are tourist friendly.

The Atlantis resort is the biggest & best on the island. Go to a travel agency & see what they can do. Summer is off season & they many be able to find a package that includes airfare.

Plan B. If your budget can handle it. Consider flying to Ft Lauderdale or Miami and taking a 5 day cruise. That would get you to several places for the same price as cruises are all inclusive.

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