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Mexico All Inclusive Package Deals

Joseph asks…

Where would be a good beach to visit in March within a days drive of St.Louis?

We would like to go to some place that isn’t going to be your typical popular beach like Daytona. My husband thinks we can make it to Myrtle Beach but I think it will be too cold there. We are known for doing long days of driving so we could probably do 14 hours of driving.

Tijuana answers:

I agree with Gulf Shores. You can make Myrtle Beach, upper Florida and even South Padre Island in a day but you are talking about a FULL day and you will be so tired when you get there you will most likely sleep for the next 24 hours. Personally I’d rather fly and get an all inclusive package deal in the Caribbean or Mexico. There are some very inexpensive packages if you check around.

Sandra asks…

I have never planned a big vacation and need some help on how to get started?

Ok, we are thinking about taking our honeymoon in Florida or California. How do I go about finding things to do or where do I start to plan everything? I need some help and a little jump start to get things going!

Tijuana answers:

First thing you should do is decide what you would like to do or where to go.If you want to travel to some exotic place to relax,maybe sit on the beach or go sightseeing,see a travel agent for some ideas.There are some really great packages available right now cheap.I prefer the all inclusive packages myself,where all your meals and drinks are included.You can also purchase additional activities at the time of booking.I recently went to Cancun Mexico with the family.We got 7 days and nights at a 4 star hotel,all inclusive,including airfare for 4 adults for $2600.00. There are a lot of travel deals going on right now.But a travel agent is the way to go.They get the best deals for you for whatever type of vacation your looking for and it takes most of tthe work and worry out of planning a vacation.If you try to book these vacations yourself it will cost you more in the end.See a travel agent and just go and have fun!

Linda asks…

Where is the best place to have a beach wedding in Mexico?

We have narrowed it down to Puerta Vallarta, Cabo or Riveria Maya. We are looking for a casual beachy but elegant feel for the ceremony and reception (which we would like to be held right on the beach as well). Where would be a good place to have the wedding in May 2011? Also, I don’t like too much humidity! 🙂

Tijuana answers:

All of those locations offer great beach weddings and most of the hotels have all inclusive package deals. They are all relatively low in humidity as well, so you just need to decide which location you would rather have.

Here is a site called “sunmex” which give you information on pricing and various venues which are available at all three of the places you mentioned. Http://

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