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Mexico All Inclusive Package Deals

William asks…

Where is some beautiful places to get married on the beach?

My boyfriend and I recently got engaged. We’re talking about going somewhere to get married. (an all inclusive package kind of deal) We want to get married on the beach, or just have some kind of ocean scene. (Preferably when the ocean looks bright blue and gorgeous)

So, where are some beautiful places we could consider looking at for our big day? (Please be as specif as possible)


Tijuana answers:

Tulum in the maya Riviera mexico the ocean is litrally bright blue and the sand is white. If you want, cancun is more Commercial but tulum or paa mul beach are great places for more private weddings. When i was there i saw a wedding take place and it was really nice. One photo here is from google images but the other is from my trip its not the best.


Jenny asks…

For experience travelers: What is The best inexpensive way to travel to Los Cabos?

Thank you friends

We want to stay at an all inclusive (hubbys choice). He has frequent flier miles for one ticket. What airline has the best deals? Where would you stay? How much was it? How much money did you take with you? We will be able to stay 6 nights.

Any, Any advice will be so appreciated. Would you use a travel agent, could they get us a better package deal?

We have only been on one trip before so we are kinda idiots when it comes to this kind of stuff. Thanks again
Delta is the airline that we have the air miles with

Tijuana answers:

A travel agent will be at least 30% more…….they have to make money too. What air lines do you have miles with? Thats the one you use..About 3K should do it…….Mexico is expensive………sorry.

John asks…

What part of mexico has the most clubs, bars, and night life?

My fiance and I are planning a destination wedding to mexico and he was wondering what part of mexico would be the best for a bachelor/barchelorette party. We will be there 7-10 nights and we want to be able to FULLY enjoy ourselves the entire time we are down there.

Oh and if any one has any good info. on all inclusive wedding packages in mexico it would be greatly appreciated.

We want to get married april, may, or june of 2010.

Tijuana answers:

Click the first link for a map of the hotel zone in Cancun. The hotel zone is shaped like the number 7. The majority of the clubs are in the area where the top part of the 7 turns south to the longer arm of the 7. So any resort numbered from 25 through 31 will put you within easy walking distance to the clubs.
I would recommend the Riu Palace Las Americas or the Riu Cancun. I would click the second link below and plug in your dates to see if any good deals come up for those two on the Bookit website.

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