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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts

Thomas asks…

What is a good all-inclusive resort in the Carribean?

My husband and I (in our 20’s) are looking for an all inclusive resort without alot of children. Resonable prices.
Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

The Couples resorts in Jamaica would be a good option. They’re for adult couples only, so you won’t have any singles or children. Couples Negril is located on a drop dead beautiful bay. Good activities, good food. The rooms are nothing to get excited about, but that’s true with most of the all-inclusives. Couples has 3 resorts in Jamaica.
Try where you can get online quotes for many all inclusives in the Caribbean and Mexico. It’s a great site to play around and see what fits into your budget. I’ve used them several times, and they give great service, and are easy to get on the phone if needed.
Watch for sales, as you can save a lot of money.
Also, decide on what kind of experience you want – relaxing and romantic, a party atmosphere, or somewhere in-between.

David asks…

Can I drink in an All Inclusive Resort with open bars at 16?

I am going to an all inclusive resort and it has many open bars. Will they serve drinks to minors. How do they know you are old enough?
The bars are in the resort and I am 16 years old.

Tijuana answers:

The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18. Most resorts don’t want their reputation damaged by serving to minors and won’t do so. Your bracelet color will determine if you can be served. However, if you do wind up with alcohol, it’s not likely that anyone will take it away from you, unless your behavior becomes obnoxious. No one can tell the difference between a virgin piña colada and a real one. If you do wind up drinking, just don’t get stupid.

Maria asks…

What should I pack for a Mexican resort?

Im going to mexico for 7 days at an all inclusive resort near playa del carmen thats on the beach. I’m so excited!! I’m planning on spending most of the time at the beach and pool:) Has anyone who loves fashion been there? What do you wish you had brought and what should i bring? (surcurity isn’t an issue, we are doing guided tours and all that) I’m 14 btw. Thx in advance:)! The more detailed the better!

Tijuana answers:

That sounds like it will be a lot of fun, I’m jealous!

First of all, assuming you’re going on a plane, I’d probably take two bags. One to put in checked baggage, and another as a carry-on bag. You might be able to fit everything into a carry-on bag, but you’d really have to limit your items since most airlines only allow 20 pounds. In your carry-on bag, pack this:

– A bit of money
– Camera
– Sunglasses
– Any electronics you want; a cell phone (turn it on airplane mode), and Ipod, handheld gaming, etc.
– An extra change of clothes in case the airline loses your checked bag
– A book or a magazine
– Anything to keep you from getting bored
– Toothbrush, travel sized toothpaste (nothing over 3 ounces)
– Any cosmetics you want under 3 ounces

I’d pack any liquids you’re bringing in a one gallon plastic bag so you can take it out for screening at security. The same goes for electronics and loose change.

For your checked bag, bring everything else!
– 8 complete outfits (bring mostly shorts and cotton shirts, but pack a pair of jeans or two incase of unexpected weather)
– 9 pairs of underwear
– A light jacket
– Sandals
– Good walking shoes for tours
– Comfy slippers for walking around the hotel room
– 2-3 bathing suits
– Sunscreen, and lots of it!
– Cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, etc and any other toiletries (Keep them in a plastic bag to prevent leaks)
– English to Spanish dictionary
– Basic Spanish terms book

Lucky for you, Mexico uses the same electrical outlets as the USA, so you won’t have to buy any expensive plug converters. Keep in mind your cell phone might not work, since some cell phone services don’t provide international service unless requested.

That’s about all I can think of. Check out the links in my source for more information.

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