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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts

Paul asks…

What is a reasonable priced all inclusive resort in mexico for 6 people?

My daughter and her friends are saving up to go to mexico for some fun. They are trying to look for a allinclusive resort that is a reasonable price for six 21 year olds. She is looking at cabo or cancun but any option will be considered.

Tijuana answers:

There are plenty of cheap places. TOO cheap really. Avoid Mexico. The crime will kill you. Register you travel to Mexico with the State Dept. They may need to help identify your body.

Mexicans launder drug money in their numerous casinos, found in all major cities, cockfights, bullfighting arenas and fairs. It’s big business in Mexico.

State Department Advisory relating to the crime in Mexico:
“crime and violence are serious problems and can occur anywhere.”

Nancy asks…

What are some good all-inclusive Mexican resorts for 18 year olds not during spring break ?

My friends and I are trying to plan our senior trip to Mexico in June for a reasonable cost.
What would be some good ALLINCLUSIVE resorts for a group of 18 year old girls ?
We’re looking for fun bars and such at the hotel, not really to leave the resort for the local clubs.

Tijuana answers:

Well, it depends on where in Mexico you want to go. If you’re planning Cancun-Mayan Riviera there are plenty of good all-inclusive resorts for people your age. Some of the best I know are:

In Cancun:
JW Marriott

In Riviera Maya:
Fairmont Mayacoba
Mayan Palace
Blue Bay

Personally I liked Blue Bay a lot. Lots of young people, nice bars, good atmosphere.

My recommendation is: check for those resorts that are adult-only (very few actually). The rest should be good options.

If you are planning to go to Los Cabos or somewhere else (Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa, Acapulco) check on the, they have some good information about all-inclusive resorts.

Helen asks…

What are the key things travelers visiting all inclusive resorts in Mexico must consider?

I am planning to travel to the Mayan Riveria later this year and will be staying at an all inclusive resort. Aside from the usual warnings against ‘drinking the water,’ I am wanting to know tips other travels to that area may have regarding the locale, safety, customs, travel within Mexico, etc. Just want to find out about the little things you would never know to expect had you not already been yourself.

Tijuana answers:

Your resort is just that a true resort. There are guards at the gate to allow only persons that stay or work there in & the remainder of the property is fenced. It’s like being in a posh prison 😉

Really, you don’t realize that the grounds are fenced in and the all inclusive really means that…you never have to leave your hotel unless you want to. Your are tagged with a colored wrist band so they know you belong and it is colored according to the day you are checking out and if you are to receive any special favors.

Despite what you hear Mexico is a very safe place.
I am an American living in Cancun.
Happy trip!

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