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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts

Ruth asks…

What is a good, resonably priced all inclusive resort in Mexico?

My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Mexico. We don’t know exactly where we want to go yet, but we want to go somewhere that has an allinclusive resort and is close to a big city, for the nightlife and shopping.

Tijuana answers:

Cancun can get really crowded or be super tourist-trappish…if you go a bit farther south you can stay in Playa Del Carmen, a less well known but equally gorgeous setting with just as much to do, plus GREAT nightlife without as many dangers as the populated Cancun…

If you want a great package I have used this one – 4 days 3 nights for 2 adults & it was only $199 plus taxes. If you get packages through a corporate broker you can get them super cheap – try this site & good luck! Adios! 🙂

Susan asks…

What are some fun ALL-INCLUSIVE resorts for a group of 18 year olds not during spring break?

My friends and I are trying to plan our senior trip to Mexico in June for a reasonable cost.
What would be some good ALLINCLUSIVE resorts for a group of 18 year old girls ?
We’re looking for fun bars and such at the hotel, not really to leave the resort for the local clubs.

Tijuana answers:

Don’t know which coast you are on, but there is a Club Med on both coasts of Mexico. Totally all-inclusive. I have had friends that have gone and they had great times. So much going on. It is like taking a cruise as everything is paid for up front, except the booze.

Personally I would go for finding a nice hotel and not stay holed up there. It is so much fun to get out to the local area and see what is going on.
Take your days and explore, see the sites. Come away from Mexico with more then remembering just the clubs. Get out and find the feel of Mexico.

Why go down there to stay in an Americanized resort? You could go to Disneyland. See Mexico. The hotel will help you find local places that are nice.
The fun of going to some place new is to not feel like you are at home.

Our best trip was to Mazatlan. A smaller tourist place, not like Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta. We were on a tight budget back in those days so we stayed at the cheapest hotel on the beach. We were surrounded by big hotels and high rise condos and time shares. Guess were everyone ended up at night? You got it the cheapest hotel on the beach as it had the best band and the liveliest bar.

Do your homework and check out everything you can find on where you want to go. Check reviews from other people.

Have fun. Mexico is great.

Ken asks…

What all-inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico would you recommend?

My parents, parents in law and my family (no kids) are planning to have a vacation in Mexico. I’ve chosen Puerto Vallarta and don’t know what allinclusive resort (hotel) we could stay in. I’m looking for the spot which on the beach, lots of amenities, good food and entertainment.
Maybe anyone been there more than once, so I would appreciate your recommendation.

Tijuana answers:

They have a ton of them in Nuevo Vallarta, Riu Jalisco is pretty good, has pretty good food, and it’s pretty huge. I’ve bin there about three times

recently I went to Villa Del Palmar Flamingos Beach Resort and Spa, it’s beautiful and pretty new. It’s not all inclusive but it’s very nice.

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