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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts

Daniel asks…

What are some fun ALL-INCLUSIVE resorts for a group of 18 year olds not during spring break?

My friends and I are trying to plan our senior trip to Mexico in June for a reasonable cost.
What would be some good ALLINCLUSIVE resorts for a group of 18 year old girls ?
We’re looking for fun bars and such at the hotel, not really to leave the resort for the local clubs.

Tijuana answers:

I have stayed at All Inclusives in Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Jamaica. I just got back from Cancun 2 weeks ago and got a great deal through They beat everyones price. We stayed at the Riu Caribe. I like Riu but this one was isolated. Going back I would stay at the Riu Cancun. It is within walking distance of shopping, Senior Frogs, CoCo Bongo. Cancun is shaped like a 7. All of the hot spots are at the bend of the 7. Top right. I have heard that the Oasis properties are party spots. Temptations resort is a hot spot for couples and singles.

Sandy asks…

Best all inclusive resort and season to visit Mexico with toddler?

We would like to visit Mexico with 1.5 year old baby for 10 days. When is the best time to visit? Which is the best baby friendly all inclusive resort? Please provide some good itinerary to visit day trips as well.
Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

You should stay at an Iberostar resort. They have a lot of people there willing to help. They also have a club for little kids to go during the day and they have event fo them at night. It will also be really nice for you too. For example if you stay at the iberostar Lindo you will be able to acess all of the iberostar chains next to it because they are like sister resorts. It is very nice there ive been there 5 times . It is close to the airport and supperrr fun well good luck

Michael asks…

Best all inclusive resort in Mexico for a young couple?

My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Mexico sometime in August for either 7 or 10 nights. I don’t really care where we stay in Mexico and price isn’t a huge issue (but preferably no more than around 1500 per person). I’ve found plenty of beautiful all inclusive resorts at reasonable prices, but they’re all geared either towards families or older couples. We are in University and would really like a clean place with some night life, a nice beach, and people around our age. Any suggestions? Thanks 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Hi Brando !

I highly encourage you to visit
and use their vacation search engine !
They guarantee the best price

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