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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts

Sandy asks…

How much to tip at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico?

I’m vacationing at a Mexican all inclusive resort. How much do I tip housekeeping, bar tenders and wait staff? Do I tip in Pesos or Dollars? The gratuities are “included” in the price, but while on vacation I want service to be good. Some tips may help.

Tijuana answers:

The last time I stayed at an all-inclusive, the hotel management warned against being “too generous” with tips, and even said tipping wasn’t necessary. What I saw was a lot of people working 16-18 hour days, bending over backwards for a bunch of drunk, gluttonous tourists, and going home to a tin shack (literally, a dirt floor shack without windows or electricity). I tipped the same as I would in Canada or the USA for the service – as all the service was exceptional, I tipped 20-25%. The housekeeper got 5 bucks a day, most of the servers got a $5 or better tip for every meal, the bartenders got a buck a drink (minimum), and it was still a fraction of the cost of a vacation north of the border. The hotel management discourage ‘excessive’ tipping so they can keep the workers in poverty, where they want them, and continue to pay them 4 dollars a day, while the hotels make millions, Screw that, working people who make an honest effort to serve you deserve better.

Ken asks…

Recommendations for best all-inclusive resort for a cheap price?

I’m looking to renew my vows on a beach at an allinclusive resort somewhere in the Caribbean. I’m thinking Cabos or Playa del Carmen in Mexico, Costa Rica, etc…

Do you have any suggestions for great wedding locations at a reasonable price and good wedding packages?
I’m looking to spend under $5,000 for my wedding and accomodations.

Tijuana answers:

Weddings down there are very inexpensive. My sister got married on St Thomas and the wedding itself was only about 600-800. It’s the all inclusive that will be difficult.

Try pricing Sandals, Riu, Almond, and Secrets. Those are usually the most common ones and therefore are more likely to have lower prices.

Good luck!

Carol asks…

Looking for a reliable website for all inclusive resorts in mexico with good rates.?

We are looking for a nice all inclusive resort in Mexico for us and another couple. We would like to go in february. Any suggestions on websites that have good rates?
Also, what are some of the nicer resorts?

Thanks! 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Best resorts are around the mayan riviera, cancun ,and cozumel…..
xpu ha palace
and one of the priciest is las ventanas al paraiso

hope i helped take care….

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