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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts

Betty asks…

How much $$ to take to all inclusive resort in mexico?

Im going to an All Inclusive resort in Mexico. I didnt plan the trip. Someone else did for me, as i am going with a group. Therefore, I’m not sure what is on the agenda and what everyone is going to want to do. I was curious for a ball park figure on how much money I should bring/expect to spend while there.

Tijuana answers:

As easy as this:
Depending on what you are considering in buying or spending, I will give you the basics. Consider at least $10 dollars for transportation each day. If you go out clubbing, bring $40 per night you go out. Since you are staying at an all inclusive, you should not worry about meals and don’t waste money going out to lunch; keep what you already paid for. Bring singles in case you feel like tipping ($20 per week).
If I had a better detailed schedule, I would have been more specific. This should cover it and of course I am inflating a little the prices so you never run short and go buy some souvenirs if you want to.

Mark asks…

Which all inclusive resort in Mexico is best value?

Some friends and i are wanting to travel to Mexico (from Dallas) but wanted to spend about $1000 each for 5-7 days. Any ideas on the best allinclusive resorts?

Tijuana answers:

Mikey is not a huge fan of all inclusive. Your strapped to the hotel for food. What if it suck’s…………
One of the best things about mexico is the food. Delicious and CHEAP.
Get off the main drag and eat at street vendors or mom and pop restaurants back in the neighborhoods. Ask the hotel staff. Ask a taxi driver to take you to his favorites. Trust me you will spend far less and have some incredible AUTHENTIC food. Cheap as well.
You will return to the states and see what you thought was Mexican food is anything but.

Linda asks…

Anyone know of amazing vacation packages for an all inclusive beach resort for 4 nights?

I want a vacation package including air, and an all inclusive resort on the beach. I want to go somewhere tropical such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Cabo, etc. My budget is $500-$700 per person and I wouldn’t mind if there were nice activities nearby such as swimming with dolphins or scuba diving. Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

This is Mission: Impossible.

You don’t say where you’re “home” is
(ie, where you’re traveling FROM….)
But $500–$700 is barely gonna be enough to pay for a plane ticket.
You aren’t even gonna touch 4-nights ANYWHERE in the
Caribbean or Mexico for under $100 per night.
Any all-inclusive resort hotel will be $200 /pp per night, minimum.

Maybe you can afford a weekend in Daytona Beach…. If you drive there….

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