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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Cabo

James asks…

how long should i stay in an all inclusive resort?

I’m going to Mexico in May but can’t decide whether or not how long to stay at an allinclusive. I feel that 4 days is too short and 7 days might be too long. So should I go for 5 or 6 days? I’m going to Cabo but my budget is $2500 for 2 people, thus thinking 5 or 6 days.

Tijuana answers:

Don’t spent too much time in a hotel look for a nice place to stay something along the lines of 80-90 usd per night and use the rest of the money to explore mexico take tours and visit hidden places you will only find by walking around dont spend your money on a place where all you need is a place to shower and sleep

Chris asks…

What do you consider to be the best reasonable/romantic anniversary destination?

We are celebrating our tenth anniversary this year and can’t decide where to go. We want to also go somewhere that isn’t overly expensive(under 3.5K for tickets and hotel) and we’d prefer somewhere that could be allinclusive with meals and activities, so we know where we stand financially before we go. Look forward to any advice on places you have been around the world that you really enjoyed.

Tijuana answers:

Mexico is relatively inexpensive compared to other destinations. Los Cabos or Cabo San Lucas will both have all-inclusive hotel resort options. Check it out:


Steven asks…

Do all inclusive resorts include UNLIMITED alcohol and food?

I’m staying at an all inclusive resort and I was just wondering if alcohol is included with the food, and if so, how much of each can you get? do they put a limit on drinks? food?

Tijuana answers:

Yes, most of the all inclusive resorts have unlimited alcohol and food. They don’t keep any limit on the alcohol or food. Its unlimited.

Last couple of my vacations I have always stayed at an all-inclusive resort because its very affordable and super convenient. Everything is right where you are and you don’t have to go looking for food and booze.

Many All-Inclusive resorts offer unlimited alcohol supply in your rooms too. And the resort has a lot of restaurants other than the buffet too. So if you get bored eating buffet than you can make reservations at any of their restaurants and all this is included in the price.

It depends where are you going. Mexico is a very good option for staying at all these super nice all-inclusive resorts. For eg. Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, etc.

Have a great vacation time 🙂

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