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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Cabo

Mary asks…

What are some tips i should know about traveling to Cabo san Lucas?

I am going to Cabo next week what are some tips that i should know.. it is all inclusive, but i have never been to Mexico so i was wondering if there is anything that i should be warned about or anything like that?

Tijuana answers:

I just got back from my Honeymoon on Saturday after spending 10 days in Los Cabos. We stayed at an All Inclusive Resort but also traveled into Cabo San Lucas quite a bit.

The first thing you want to be aware of is to fill out the customs card that they give you on the plane, while you are on the plane! As soon as you get off there are people lined up filling out this form and you will breeze through customs if you have this already done.

Next WATCH OUT for all of the people trying to get your attention after customs. They want to talk to you about buying a time share. I don’t know if this interests you or not? It was a pain to us because we just wanted to get to our destination and were not interested at all. They try to lure you in with discounts on various excursions and or golf but the discounts range from $10.00 off to free, so beware.

After customs if you are not renting a car you will need to get transportation to your hotel/resort. We went through American Express Travel so they already had something lined up for us. Bring money to tip the shuttle bus driver and or taxi drivers. $3.00 to $10.00 is sufficient depending on how much they help with your bags and if they open the door for your lady.

If you do not rent a car and your hotel does not have FREE shuttle service to Cabo San Lucas or San Jose be prepared to pay!! At our resort (Dreams) they had a shuttle service but it only ran at certain times. We did have to pay even when it was running $6.00 PER PERSON ONE WAY with a MINIMUM of 4 people. The normal rate for a taxi was $25.00 each way for my wife and me alone.

If you are staying at a resort tipping is a plus and you will see that they pay more attention to you. While we were there we were told that some of the servers only made $6.00 a day without tips so any additional money helps them.

There are numerous bars and nightclubs to go to. We only went out in Cabo San Lucas so that’s all I can give you tips on. Cabo Wabo is fun. It has both live music as well as a DJ. Their margaritas are STRONG! The only issue that we ran into there was that they want you to pay in US Dollars but when you do they give you Pesos in return. The next time you go to the bar and order they WILL NOT take the Pesos, they want more US Dollars. Zoo was fun, but we weren’t there very long. We didn’t make it to The Giggling Marlin but heard that it was fun. Then you have EL SQUID ROE. This was my least favorite out of anything during our whole trip. Your opinion may differ though. My wife almost had her purse stolen there had she not spoken Spanish they probably would have gotten away with it.

As far as excursions, your hotel/resort should have an excursions desk and they help out alot. Baja Adventure does a lot of different things and we found them to be our favorite. We did a 2 1/2 hour waverunner snorkeling tour and our guide was fantastic! He was fun on the waverunners and during snorkeling he would dive and bring up different sea life for you to interact with. We also did a Wine and Jazz Sunset cruise that was amazing! We met a lot of different people and ended up hanging out with them even after the cruise. We didn’t get a chance to go fishing but I wish we had. Cabo is famous for Marlin so if you get a chance to go, you should. It’s kind of pricey so you may want to book with another couple. They are only allowed two fish on line at a time so the more people you go with the less of an opportunity you will have to fish.

Well this may have been a little much, but that’s the best advice I can give you. Enjoy your trip and take it all in while you’re there because it’ll be over before you know it!

Paul asks…

What is the best Adult All-Inclusive resort for a married couple in their late 20s?

We are considering Hedonism in Jamaica and Desire in Mexico. We want to go to a clothing optional place, but we can’t decide between the two, nor can we pick which Hedonism (II or III) or which Desire (Cabo or Cancun)

Tijuana answers:

I have been to both Hedo’s several times but I am Partial to Hedo II in Negril ; it has a MUCH better beach & Negril in general is much nicer than Runaway Bay . Hedo III is a bit wilder but I think Hedo II is the best place to vacation , over all . I also love Jamaica & think it’s a much more relaxed , party atmosphere type place than Cancun . If you ‘d like the help of a travel pro with your trip , email me ( ) with the details of your trip ( exact dates , departure airport , budget , etc. ) and I will get you the best price available anywhere for your trip ( my vendor has a ” match & beat ” ploicy for any package found anywhere on the web ) . Regards , Gerry Donnelly , Snapshot Travel

Michael asks…

Did u have a destination wedding? Can you tell me what kind of budget to expect?

I dream of a destination wedding. Cabo San Lucas Mexico and Riviera Maya in Mexico are my top 2 choices. Destination weddinga are supposed to be less expensive than here in Ca. Any ideas what kind of budget to expect? I wll have less than 40 very close fam and friends.

Tijuana answers:

I am having a destination wedding in Jamaica and it is only costing me $4,500 with his attire and my dress. BUT we are not paying for our guest to attend. The resort is all inclusive. We get a carriage ride after ceremony, cake, flowers, officiant, Champagne, small reception after wards, and a few more goodies. That price includes our airfare. We wanted to run off and do it alone, but parents had a fit so we agreed that they could come with siblings. I can’t wait!

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