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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Cabo

Mary asks…

I’m planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas next year. How do I find trip packages?

Are there any websites I can use to help plan my trip?

Looking forward to this trip.

Tijuana answers:

Hola! Actually your local paper (travel section) will list the best deals and packages. Remember, Cabo is the most expensive resort in Mexico, so prices will definately reflect this.

You can also call/google the resorts and ask for any last minute specials.

All the travel websites like expedia, travelocity, I travel 2000, have their own offers but they are more likely to only offer deal for resorts they sponsor.

When in doubt, check in with a travel agent. Their computer system will have all the last minute deals and specials and even after you pay their fee you will still get the best deal often.

Cabo is an awesome place! I often recommend people who haven’t been here before to stay in an all-inclusive, so that they can just have a worry free holiday. The next time you come back (and you will!) you can then select a resort more specific to your needs, usually those who come back again rent a condo and stay for longer!

Sandy asks…

Where should we go for our graduation trip?

Hey guys!

My buddies and me want to go to Mexico for graduation. There are four of us, and we would like to stay at an all inclusive resort. Mainly we want to sit at the pool slamming down free beer. We would like to stay in Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas. What are some good resorts? We would be willing to share a room, but we would prefer not to share beds. We’d be willing to spend 100-300 each for a ten day trip.
We’d go in June or July. That budget is not for plane fair. Just the hotel.

Tijuana answers:

Why don’t you checkout ‘’ for all inclusive packages including AIR, RESORT & Rent- a CAR. THey have deals all over MX.

Paul asks…

Is it safe for a female to travel to mexico alone?

even if it’s on an all inclusive resort?

Tijuana answers:

There are places in Mexico where you will be safer than in your own neighborhood. But just like traveling in the United States, you have to know where to go and not go. I vacation in Cabo San Lucas, and feel perfectly safe anytime of the day or night and know many women who go there alone. In fact, I know women who liked it so much they moved there. Cabo is at the tip of Baja California, far from the drug cartels and crime present in parts of the Mexican mainland. Cabo is a wonderful place for tourists, with many great clubs, restaurants, hotels and resorts. All-inclusives are out on the Corridor, a few miles from town, and many people like the idea of being at a large luxury resort on the beach where all your needs are tended to and food and drinks are free. But, the real action and fun is in Cabo itself, where beautiful resorts line Medano Beach, and you can walk from bar to bar on the sand, and within minutes be in town where there is an upscale marina and mall, and more restaurants and clubs than you could visit in a year. Check out some of the Youtube videos for Cabo and you’ll be packing your bags. Please don’t let the bigots and racists keep you from visiting this beautiful country with some of the nicest people in the world.

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