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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Cabo

Susan asks…

To vacation in Puerto Rico or Cancun or elsewhere?

In 2010, my family is coming together for a reunion. We’re trying to vote on a destination. Destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean seem popular.

Can anyone give me a rough estimate of costs to vacation for a week in Puerto Rico against Cancun, Mexico? How about Acapulco or Cabo San Lucas? Dominican Republic? Anywhere else?

We’re looking to vacation in mid-July/June and stay for 6-7 nights. All-inclusives (and I mean everything,including alcohol) are being highly considered.


Tijuana answers:

Puerto Rico is the place to vacation it have everything, pretty beaches, historical sites, rain forests, mountain resorts, islands you can go to within Puerto Rico. The food is awesome and the people is great. Hotels are a bit expensive but they offer a great service. Unfortunatly there is only one all inclusive resort the Gran Melia Puerto Rico, is a beutiful resort a bit expensive but great. In Puerto Rico there are lots of malls, Plaza Las Americas, the largest in the caribbean. We have lots of american stores and lots of native stores also. You can find all kinds of food puertorican and american.

However if you are looking to party, drink and eat for free in a young atmosphere you can go to Cancun or Dominican Republic. Acapulco is beautiful also but is more expensive. Dominican Republic is great for all inclusive but you cant go far away from your hotel, because most of them are located in very poor citys with criminality and not that much to see. In Mexico there are lots of places to go and beautifull beaches also. The only problem with Mexico that I had was the criminality and corrupt cops. They stop you and ask you for US Dolars.

If I were you and had the money I will go to Puerto Rico and get a tour of the whole island, mountains, beaches, camping, shopping and experience the beautifull culture. No passport, US Dolars, American Laws, and more secure.

If you are on a budget then you should definitly go to the Dominican Republic.

You could also consider a Caribbean Cruise all inclusive and you see most of the caribbean islands. Or even a cruise in central america.

Lizzie asks…

When is the best time of year to go to Cabo San Lucas?

I’m thinking of going in early June but saw that this is not during the “high season.” Is June hurricane season? I want to go when it will be nice weather and not too expensive (not more than $1000/pp all inclusive).

Tijuana answers:

Hola! May-June is a good pick for all the reasons you mentioned. My only other suggestion would be early November.

Yes, hurricane season officially starts in June, but really most occur in August-Sept. Have no idea what el nino will bring for this season! As far as expense goes, you will find this year that most of the mexican resorts will be advertising deals due to the fact that Canadians did not get their passports in time and most have to travel through the USA to get to mexico…there will be deals more along the $600 to $800 range but probably not in Cabo…puerto vallarta and mazatlan.

Have an excellent vacation in Cabo!

Lisa asks…

My friend has a timeshare in Los Cabos, Mexico and it would only cost me 400 dollars for the hotel.?

The flight itself and the hotel for all 5 would be about 3,500. So that means I would have to buy food there. Is it expensive? Hoe much could I spend for 7 nights at Pueblo Bonito Rose resort? I dont know if its worth it or just do an all inclusive? Also, is it cheaper to travel to November?

Tijuana answers:

$400 is pretty pricey…my parents are staying in one of the most prestigious hotels and they only paid $150….when it comes to the food, it all depends where you buy from…dont try to go to fancy restaurants all the time…you can eat at a nice restaurant for cheap! Travel in november should be cheaper because there are no holidays around that time that would make it a crowded time to make it a higher demand…

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