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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Cabo

Betty asks…

Which All-Inclusive Resort on pacific coast of Mexico is best for a group of female friends?

A group of my girlfriends are planning a trip to the pacific coast of Mexico (in hopes of avoiding hurricanes) in September. I’m hoping we can find an adults-only place that caters more to business groups or groups of friends than the honeymooners. I’m not really looking for a champagne breakfast, if you know what I mean.

Tijuana answers:

Hola! Hands down its the Riu Sante Fe in Cabo San Lucas. I guess I might be a bit biased but really its pretty nice if you have a group of friends and you are looking to have a good time and party, but also close to downtown for shopping, nightclubs,etc. All the beach activities and fun are close by. Cabo is a little more expensive than the other resorts on the pacific side, but well worth it.

But please note: You will NOT miss the hurricanes in September by being on the Pacific side!!! We get as many as they do on the Caribbean side. September being the worst month of the year for both sides.

Mandy asks…

What is the best place to go to in Mexico for vacation? Between Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Mazatlan?

We are a young couple, looking for nightlife, beaches, good surf (for me), and good eating.
Also, any opinion on all inclusive resorts in those cities.
Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

If I’m contemplating these three, I would hands down pick Puerto Vallarta. It is a beautiful city that feels Mexican, where Cabo or Cancun is very touristy, and Mazatlan may be too small.
Puerto Vallarta feels “just right”. It is also amazingly safe, amazingly cheap, where as Cabo, or Cancun for that matter can be pretty expensive. The people are amazing and really appreciate your being there, where in Cabo or Cancun, I always feel like cattle being rushed through a process.
Having said all of this, I really believe Vallarta is amazing, it also has some attractions that other places don’t have on all of North America like Canopy Rides, which are zipline rides that take you from tree top to tree top. Awesome experience. Also, The weather in Vallarta this time of year is perfect. It’s absolutely perfect, where a short sleeve shirt all day without the need of a jacket or Air Conditioning. That’s pretty cool.

Now, even though I have mentioned a couple of Cons on the pros and cons list of Cancun, if you do wish to contemplate it, Nothing compares, in my humble opinion, to the transparency of the water. It is so amazingly see thru, that if you ever scuba dived, you’ll be amazed as to what really great visibility scuba diving is like. It feels more like a space walk than a dive because of the visibility. They have tons of scuba schools that are perfectly safe and have you in the water in a matter of hours.
Also hospitality is pretty good and I get the feeling that while many Americans like the feel of a more “Mexican” city, there’s a certain peace of mind knowing that there are probably some Americans where you’re staying at. Cancun continues to be the biggest tourist attraction for American tourists in all of Mexico, and possibly in all the world outside the US. That’s for a reason. The sands are also really soft and the weather is pretty good, but not as good as vallarta.
In summation, if you have to pick from those three, hands down pick vallarta. If you can pick out of those three, I’d go for cancun.
Cancun takes the gold
but vallarta takes a very close silver, (in fact i’d say the medal is half silver half gold!)
If you think this helps, I’d greatly appreciate the ten points, thanks!

John asks…

I want to go to a resort in Mexico. Somewhere quiet and relaxed. I do not want anywhere like Cancun Any ideas?

I am looking for a nice, beach that is not crowded. All inclusive resort. What are Manzanillo or Puerto Vallarta like?

Tijuana answers:

Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo,
Los Cabos,
Puerto Escondido,
Puerto Vallarta

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