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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Family

Sharon asks…

Are the shuttle buses from the airport to the resort in mexico safe?

my family and i are taking a trip to mexico. The resort we are staying at is allinclusive and provides a shuttle from the airport to the resort. Are these shuttles safe? Are there hobos and strange people on them, we are taking children and we don’t want them to be in danger or scared

Tijuana answers:

You should be perfectly safe. The shuttles between the resorts and the airport are not public transportation. This isn’t the same thing as taking the city bus. This is private transportation, much like taking a cab. The difference being that the shuttle might make stops to drop off or pick up guests from a couple of resorts besides the one you will be staying at. They wouldn’t pick up someone who didn’t have a voucher or reservation, so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

I will say this, however; While you’re in the airport, after you’ve collected your bags and have gone through customs, make your way to the exit. There will be quite a few people inside the airport who may try to approach you, offering to assist you with your bags, asking where you’re headed, and offering to give you a ride. Keep right on walking, past them! A lot of those people are actually time share representatives. Sure, they might get you to your hotel, eventually, but they’ll want to take you to a time share presentation first. Unless you’ve got time to kill and want half your day taken up, keep right on walking past them. Don’t stop or talk to those guys, other than saying, “Oh, no thank you.” Keep walking until you are outside the terminal. THERE you will find the actual, legitimate transportation folks. You’ll see all sorts of vans and buses parked outside the doors, and you should see a representative for your particular shuttle service. Remember, they will be OUTSIDE the terminal, not inside.

Enjoy your trip!

Helen asks…

My Family is planning to try and go on a vacation…?

My Family is planning to try and go on a vacation…?
…next January where is a good/economical place to go that has those “all inclusive resorts” and is tropical but not surrounded by slums and is less than a 10 hour flight from North America?

Tijuana answers:

Well, how about Mexico? Due to the flu scare, prices are good and there are many all-inclusive resorts with programs for children. You might be able to utilize a charter flight, depending on where you live. There are several good websites where you can research and communicate with other travelers. One of my favorites is and Another option, although a little more pricey, is Beaches in Turks and Caicos. Http:// Great vacations don’t just happen. Many hours of research are needed to ensure that the best choice is made for you and your family.

Marcia DiMiceli

Paul asks…

Does the great parnassas hotel in cancun, mexico have international calling?

Is it included in the all inclusive price or is it an extra charge? I’m going with family and want to know wheater or not I will be able to call girlfriend back at home! Thanks in advance!

Tijuana answers:

E-mail or call the resort booking office. They can tell you if they have a service for international calls. There is a phone number on their web page. Http:// The resort we go to each year in the Mayan Riviera has free internet Vonage international calling service for the upper end of the resort. The other option would be to set up Skype with your girlfriend, and take a laptop with you that also has Skype. You may have to pay for computer connection depending on the area of the resort you are staying in. Ours is also free.

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