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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Family

Mark asks…

Which caribbean islands are good for young adults in their twenties?

I know many of the allinclusive resorts are targeted at young couples and families, I am curious as to which are good for small groups of young adults. Not exactly the spring break-type atmosphere which is a constant party, but still lively enough to have a good time into the night?

Tijuana answers:

I prefer Cancun, it much cheaper. I all depends on what hotels you pick. I stay at the Omni, and The Royal.

I liked Punta Cana D Rupublic. You cant beat Mexico’s prices though.

Mary asks…

When is the best time to book a winter caribbean vacation to get the best deals?

My family 2 adults 2 children (4 and 8) like to head to the caribbean (Cuba, Mexico, DR) for a week usually in late January or early February to an all inclusive resort. I have been trying to determine whether it’s better to book now or wait until closer to departure time to get the best deals.

Tijuana answers:

I’m a travel agent and I’ve been doing this for about 5 years. From my experience the best time to book a trip for Jan or Feb is now. I always get calls from people looking for last minute trips, thinking they are going to get a great deal, it’s simply not the case. Airlines sell seats in, what they call classes of service, this does not denote first class or coach; they take all the coach seats and sell them in different groups, the first group being the cheapest and the last group being the most expensive. Knowing this the earlier you book a trip the less expensive it will be, typically, there are some exceptions although few. Hotels don’t discount their rooms if they are not full in a particular week, if the hotel has a history of being empty during a specific month they will release discounted rates, but these rates are usually offered through out the year. So, in short, the sooner you can book the trip the higher chance of getting a good deal.

Thomas asks…

Good resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean?

My family is planning on going on vacation next month and we are are planning on going somewhere in Mexico, Cuba, DR. I’ve been trying to find a nice allinclusive resort but i cant find any in our price range. Were planning on spending $950 max per person at a 4-5 star hotel. If you know of or have been to good resorts in those areas please post them and tell me a bit about your expirence their.

Tijuana answers:

I use Apple Vacations, the all-inclusive whole seller to look for deals on all-incusives in the Caribbean
Just Plug in your destination inot thier online booking engine and they will give you from least to most expensive results with resorts descriptions. Here is the link below. Have Fun!

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