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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Reviews

Maria asks…

How much will a cancun clubbing holiday cost?

3 or 4 of us girls want to go away to cancun… we were wondering how it works? are clubs included in the all inclusive prices? if not how much is it likley to cost us going all inclusive or self catering? and how much spending money will we need? and what time of year is best?!

Tijuana answers:

All inclusive resorts means just that you pay nothing more. If your resort has entertainment then it is free. Hell you are not even required to tip. If you want to put on a few Stone the all inclusive will fatten you up for sure.
I think you are best to do all the research on Cancun that you can. There are good deals to be had during the off season which some people think or would have you believe does Not exist.
If I were you I would check with a Travel agent like Tommy Cook or other reputable agent and beware of those folks as they make more money from misleading you like some and especially a bloke that claims to live there and benefits from his lies.
The best time for weather and action is January to April. It may cost you a little more but I think it would be more satisfying, if you know what I mean.
I sailed there in February and flew in October and June and the only one I would ever take again is February. It was dryer and No rain.
I am simply too old to be there for Spring Break. Have a look and check out the reviews from folks that have actually stayed at all the hotels and resorts should you not want to use a travel agent

Robert asks…

How is the Moon Palace in Cancun Mexico. Is it a good place to stay?

Looking to go there in March and wonder if they had much damage the storms that hit the Gulf of Mexico area.

Tijuana answers:

The Moon Palace is one of the nicer all inclusives in Cancun. However, the Cancun Palace, Sun Palace, and Beach Palace all have been rated higher.

You can read reviews about all the Cancun Palace resorts with this…

Cancun Palace, Rated #17 of 156 hotels in Cancun
Sun Palace, Cancun, Yucatan Peninsula, Rated #20 of 156 hotels in Cancun
Beach Palace Resort, Rated #21 of 156 hotels in Cancun
Moon Palace Golf Resort and Spa, Rated #22 of 156 hotels in Cancun

Charles asks…

Can you pay in cash for drinks at Los zocos resort in lanzarote ?

We have booked this complex self catering and have since read reviews stating you can only get drinks on site if u are staying all inclusive

Tijuana answers:

Your question does Not belong in Mexico Travel-Other Mexico.

You should post in Spain and Los islas Canarias

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