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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Reviews

Linda asks…

Where should we go for our destination wedding? ?

I am having trouble deciding! We want a beautiful beach wedding where there are lots of things to do ie not too remote. We were thinking Bahamas or Costa Rica but that’s only because we don’t know where else to go! Where would be a good spot? I want it semi-close to the US and prefer the Caribbean or around there.

Tijuana answers:

Good morning,
Congrats on your engagement! I got married in the Bahamas this past May and we loved it. We got married at the Breezes Resort in Nassau. I did a blog post to review the resort and you can see it here:

You are right, there are a ton of options out there. If you want an all-inclusive resort the most popular spots are Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica…in that order. I highly recommend going all-inclusive because you and your guests have all food and drinks inlcuded, and some AI resorts offer free wedding ceremonies. So you save money on the wedding, and nobody has to worry about paying for anything while they are there (unless they are out shopping for souvenirs!)

But, if the adventure of Costa Rica is what you two are looking for…go for it! Costa Rica and Belize are great up-and-coming destinations for weddings, but remember that they are south of the Caribbean in Central America, so it depends what your definition of “semi close” is!

Good luck!

Charles asks…

Did anyone stay at the Oasis Palm Beach Resort in Cancun? Any tips?

I want to book a trip at the Oasis Palm Beach Resort in Cancun with my BF in the end of May. What tip do those that stayed there have? What must I do while there…what should I avoid? (I am really not a party person.) I really want to see the ruins, so what is the best way to see them? Book a trip through the hotel or just take a bus there myself? In general what advice do those that have been to Cancun have?

Tijuana answers:

Plan on going to see the ruins in an air conditioned bus. They do not recommend that tourists travel there by themselves in cars. The bus provides drinks, lunch and a place to go to the restroom. Be sure that it is air conditioned and that it offers these amenities. The flea market at the ruins maybe your most economical and best place to load up on souveniers and/or jewelry. That was recommended in our guide book and we found that to be true, as we did go to most of the street markets in the towns around us. We rented a car for the week, driving between the cities, but joined the bus tour for that one trip. We did book the bus tour through our resort, but I would be inclined to check around some. The best thing to purchase is a current Fodor’s travel guide. If you don’t want to buy it, go to the library. You can Zerox pages that you want to keep. The sooner you get a travel guide, the more you will get out of your trip. Also, google Cancun tourism on the internet. Also, checkout trip advisor.
I did not stay at the Oasis Palm Beach Resort in Cancun, but I will be there for one night this year, prior to catching a plane home the following day. We chose it based on the price and the reviews. All inclusive is fun. You definitely will get your money’s worth. The food is usually good to okay., but not outstanding. They don’t put much alcohol in the drinks, so you might want to ask for a shot on the side, if you want to feel it. I am not a drinker, but even I could easily determine that. Beer is a good alternative, if you like beer. The lack of alcohol put into a drink is true of most all inclusive resorts. They don’t add much alcohol and if you don’t tip well, the alcohol fumes are about all that is put into your drink. You will have a super great time. Be sure to bone up on Spanish, even if you just learn the names of things and a phrase or two. They love it when you attempt their language and will be very helpful to you. You can get the basics off of the internet. However, I recommend that you invest in a basic book at the bookstore now in the states for about 10 dollars or less. It will add a lot to your trip.
You may want to rent a car for a day or two while you are there for the full enjoyment of the area. A trip to Cozumel is very relaxing. Be sure and buy the full insurance coverage when renting a car, as your insurance may not apply in Mexico. Please call your insurance company before you rent. You maybe covered. Ours didn’t. The ruins at Chichen Itza should be seen by bus, but there are other ruins that you can travel easily to by car. If you have a car, checkout John Frey’s for dinner, a real five star gourmet restaurant. A good entre runs about 15-18 dollars. Anyone should be able to give you directions to one of their two locations.
The following are the most requested tours. Google each and they will tell you what to expect.
Most Requested
Chichen Itza
Tulum & Xel-Ha
Coba – Mayan V.
ATV Tour
Caribean Carnival

Lobster Dinner C.
Reef Snorkeling
Jungle Tour
Dolphin Swim
Isla Mujeres

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Betty asks…

anyone ever been to rivera maya…where did you stay and would you recommend it?

we are planning to go to rivera maya for our honeymoon in october. we are looking for some recommendations on where to stay or stay away from. we are looking at all inclusives…thanks in advance for the info… would you recommend going somewhere else?

Tijuana answers:

My wife and I have been there many times, we love it and would highly recommend it.

We have stayed at many different places and didn’t have a bad time at any of them. In my opinion they are all good but maybe we have just been lucky.

Both of my favorites have changed names (and I think owners) since we stayed there so I have no idea if the level of service has also changed but my favs were Sunscape Tulum (now Dreams) and the Gala Resort (now the Sandos Gala Playacar Resort). Both had great staff and facilities. The Sunscape Tulum had the best guacamole ever plus they showed Monday Night Football on a big screen on the beach. Great for me – maybe not so great on your honeymoon. The resort was smaller then and did lack a bit of nightlife but again that was ok for me.

The one I liked the least was the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum, not because there was anything wrong with it – it was just too big for me. I did like the ecological program there though that was excellent. Even though I say it was my least favorite it was still a great resort.

This is a great site for trip reports and reviews, I find it very helpful, just remember that you can’t please everyone and if a resort has 20 great reviews and 3 bad ones it’s a likely a great resort.


Good luck and happy honeymoon.

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