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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Reviews

David asks…

Destination Wedding in Mexico – Help finding location?

Hello! So my fiance and I are planning a wedding for Mexico at the end of November. However, we are having a hard time finding a location.
Anyone had any success that cares to forward on any resources?
We are from the west coast of Canada, so in order to keep it more affordable – we were hoping to have it along the west coast of Mexico. We don’t want anything too expensive (1500ish, all inclusive). We also would like it on a beach – where we can swim.
Thank you so much in advance! 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Well, I was going to suggest Riviera Maya like the other person until I saw that you want it on the west side of Mexico!
My parents went on a trip to Puerto Vallarta, and they stayed at a resort called The Royal DeCameron (near Bucerias) and they absolutely LOVED it!!! They said it was just amazing. I have other family members and friends that have went there also and said the same positive things. I have only been to the other side, near Cancun, so I can’t help with the resort that I stayed at!
Some websites, like TripAdvisor are good….but, you ALWAYS get those super picky people that aren’t happy with anything, and those seem to be the reviews that pop up. I ignore them! Some people you just can not make happy!
But anyways, I’m getting off topic…lol….if you want some info about that resort, or some pictures, just let me know and my mom would be happy to share them, I could email you some pics.
The DeCameron isn’t a five star, but it’s super clean with awsome food, and a great staff. But if you are like me, a Canadian girl that gets to go to Mexico…(lol)…I don’t care if it’s five stars, I just want something safe and clean.
Anyways, I could ramble all day so I’ll stop myself….just send me a message if you want more info!!

Congrats on your wedding, have fun planning!! 🙂

Sandy asks…

GOOD – All inclusive hotel for wedding in Mexico?

Narrowed down to Playa del Carmen, Puerta Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas. I’m having trouble finding a place without a bad review. Does anyone know anyone who got married where they had GOOD food, service, and a nice place (4-5 stars) Thank you!

Tijuana answers:

Every hotel is going to have some bad reviews at the very least one. You cant please everyone. Dont base all your opinions off of someones review. Some people pay 3 star prices and expect 5 star quality. If you want 5 star you need to have a 5 star wallet. Some people no matter what you cant make happy. Don’t let those people cause you to miss out on a great vacation/wedding. Dreams Puerto Vallarta and Dreams Cabo San Lucas are both beautiful resorts and they have wedding, honeymoon and anniversaries packages. They are both all inclusive and 4 star. Check out their website also check out for reviews. There are even some pictures of peoples weddings on there and the weddings look amazing. The prices are pretty good too. I will be going to Dreams Puerto Vallarta in May 2009 with my boyfriend and two other couples. We will be celebrating our 4 year anniversary we chose this resort because we have heard nothing but good things about it and got a really good price. The pictures look amazing, the locations are great and both beaches are extremely beautiful. Definitely check those out!

Richard asks…

All Inclusive Carribean Vaction Ideas for My Honeymoon Help…?

Iam looking to goto an excellent all inclusive resort somewhere in the carribean and I am leaning towards bahamas for my honeymoon coming up in may and would like to hear peoples hotel recommendations. I am trying to stay away from sandals or atlantis because they seem a bit pricey. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

My wife and I travel each year to an all-inclusive. Our favorite destination is the Riviera Maya region in Mexico, near Tulum and the town of Playa del Carmen. In May, we are going back to our favorite resort which is the Palladium Festival Grande. Below is a link to its review on our travel agent’s website. You will love it!!!


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