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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Reviews

Helen asks…

Any tips for a senior girl in high school who wants to go to Cancun with her friends for Beach Week in June?

I’m currently a senior in high school from the East Coast, and Beach Week plans are kicking off. Though a lot of people I know are planning trips to Myrtle, Dewey, or Ocean City, me and my group of girlfriends want to go to Cancun. Does anyone know of any houses or villas for rent that can sleep maybe 10ish people near all of the famous Cancun nightlife that you can recommend? Any other Beach Week planning tips are welcome! Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Sorry I don’t know any villas personally I’ve only done the all-inclusive resort/air fare combinations.

On the chance that you may consider this type of trip; here’s a page that has reviews a few of the Cancun resorts:

Good luck, have fun, be safe.

Charles asks…

Can anyone reccomend an all inclusive resort in Mexico?

I have a group of about 10 people (couples) who are all turning 30 next year. We wanted to do a big group vacation. Any suggestions on an all inclusive that would fit our party hard group?

Tijuana answers:

I can’t give you one in Mexico, but one in Jamaica is called, “Club Ambiance.” It’s AMAZING!!! Check out the reviews that it got, (and the one that I gave it) on Yahoo! Travel.

My boyfriend and I went there last year, and we’re going back AGAIN this year! Food, drinks, entertainment… It’s ALL included! Have fun!

What’s Included!:
Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks
All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including house wine
Daily activities & Nightly entertainment
Kayaks, snorkeling equipment, pedalos, floaters, scuba demo
Guided bicycle tours, fully equipped gym, in/outdoor games
Beach and pool loungers & towels
All taxes

Sharon asks…

Where should I stay in the Cancun, Mexico area?

My boyfriend and I are currently planning a vacation to Mexico and are undecided on where to stay. We would like to stay at an all-inlclusive resort the Cancun or Playa Del Carmen area. As far as the price is concerned were not too worried about that and would like to stay somewhere very nice with a lot of entertainment ie. at the pool & nightlife. I have been looking on trip advisor and pretty much everywhere has mixed reviews. Please help!!! thank you!

Tijuana answers:

Well, I would *NEVER* recommend an all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen. There is quite simply far too much to do OFF the resort property and far too many excellent, very affordable restaurants and clubs throughout the area. Most people I know who stay in Playa del Carmen don’t spend all day every day in their resort property (which is the only way that all-inclusive makes financial sense). Besides, most all-inclusive properties have poor food quality and have watered down drinks made with cheap no-name brand liquors.

Along the Riviera Maya, the all-inclusive makes a bit more sense because the resort locations are so inconvenient that they discourage frequent exploration and off-site adventures. I don’t like any of these properties either, but for entirely different reasons.

In Cancun, things are compact enough with good, cheap bus transit along the hotel zone, so coming back to the hotel for meals isn’t a major headache….and if you get a good price on all-inclusive, it MIGHT make sense (but it still discourages local exploration, so if you’re truly a TRAVELER and not a VACATIONER, then it might make sense to go for the predictable, up-front food costs).

Keep in mind though that *ALL* all-inclusive hotels have lower quality food and drink than what you’d find on your own at mainstream hotels and restaurants. This is simply an indisputable fact, despite the number of country bumpkins raving about the “fabulous spreads” or the “all you can eat” pigout factor. No person who really understands and values quality will ever be happy with all-inclusive. The quality gaps are simply too wide (even at “the best” AI properties).

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