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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Reviews

Mandy asks…

Where is the best Carribean destination for Canadians in June?

My girlfriend and I never been to any sunny vacation down south, so this would be our first time. We are planning to go in late June. Can anyone suggest the best country/city or even resort for first timers? Not restricted to only Carribean countries, so Mexico is also on the radar.

Ideally, we would like an allinclusive resort for around 5 to 7 days. We are in our mid-late 20s.
We are thinking maybe Cuba is a good option

Tijuana answers:

Cuba is a terrific destination, not expensive, fantastic beaches, welcoming people, interesting history, lots to do. Varadero would probably be the best area, there is lots going on there and if you decide to soak up some culture Havana is fairly close. For a resort I would suggest you check the Varadero trip advisor forum it’s much busier than this one and you can also check the resort reviews on that site there are dozens of them.
Here are some Canadian companies for booking and prices.

Here is an old excursion price list from Sunwing Vacation, you may find it of help.
Havana one day 67 CUC
Havana History & Rhythm 99 CUC
Havana special 135 CUC
Catamaran 99 CUC
Dolphin Swim 89 CUC
Boat Adventure 45 CUC
Jeep Safari 71 CUC
Tropicana Varadero 49 CUC
Matanzas Yumuri 45 CUC
Trinidad 75 CUC

Some helpful links.


George asks…

Should i travel with my fourteen year old sun and sixteen year old daughter and wife to Punta Cana, Or Cuba?

we want to travel there sometime next year and we haven’t decided witch place we want to go. we are looking for a nice all inclusive resort near nice beaches.

Tijuana answers:

Cuba is definitely your cheapest option (assuming you are Canadian. If you are an American, you’ll have to consider the costs of travelling from your hometown to Canada or Mexico.), and the safer one. Both have white sand beaches, but Varadero wins in that department. As for resorts, it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you want an expensive, Americanized, crammed resort, definitely go for Punta Cana. If you want to get away from everything from internet to McDonalds, go to Cuba (they do have internet btw, it’s just not fast or cheap).

I would check out reviews of both places on tripadvisor, based on what you want in a resort, and make your choice once you’ve found a hotel that meets your needs, budget, and expectations. Remember to go one star up from your usual star rating in hotels for Cuba.

EDITED: to respond to another answer. They DO NOT stamp your passport. If you want your passport stamped, you need to ask. I ask to have both my own and my son’s passport stamped, and they have refused to stamp my son’s passport on two occasions. You do not need to ask to not have it stamped, nor explain your choice not to stamp it. Cuba deals with American tourists everyday. They’ll take your money the same way they take everyone else’s.

John asks…

Where is a afoardable and fun place for two single guys to stay in Hawaii? Would like to find an all inclusive?

We are using Airmiles for the flight but want to find a hotel that is all inclusive that isnt going to break the bank. Can anyone help?

Tijuana answers:

Because of the cost of labor and the price of imported food from the mainland or Asia, there are no all-inclusive resorts in Hawaii like you find in the Caribbean or Mexico; the price tag would be just too high.

There is only one that comes very close to all-inclusive on the Big Island called the Kona Village Resort, and it is quite expensive.

Right now, you can get a great deal on hotel rooms because of the bad economy, sometimes they throw in buffet breakfasts for up to 2 plus a dinner/meal credit. So make sure to visit the actual web sites of the hotels to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Oahu will be the most economical hotel resort-wise and food-wise and easiest for you to get around if you don’t want to rent a car (The Bus system is excellent). There are condos for rent by the week or more in Honolulu/Waikiki and on the North Shore. If you want to stay in Waikiki and partake of all the urban beach action, check out The Park Shore Hotel. Needs an overhaul but great service and clean. Best of all, in a PERFECT location in Waikiki across the street from the beach (and there is no hotel on the beach side of the street).

If you want to stay on Maui, check out the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel, the original resort in Ka’anapali. Again, needs an overhaul but great service, clean rooms and on the best part of the beach in a luxury resort area! They also have a lot of activities at the hotel, and even include free breakfasts and dinner credits with some of their stay rates. One thing about Maui: You will need a car to get around and see the sites.

If you were interested in seeing the active volcano Kilauea and going to the Big Island, I would recommend staying at the Keauhou Beach Resort. A great bargain for a 4-star resort and again good service and reviews. It is next to one of the few white-sand beaches on the Big Island (which has primarily a solid black lava rock shoreline).

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