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Mexico All Inclusive Resorts Reviews

Donald asks…

How much spending for 2 week stay in all inclusive resort in cancun?

Hi I am going to Mexico for 2 weeks in August just myself and my partner. We are staying at the all inclusive resort called Barcelo Costa Cancun.

Basically just looking to find out how much spending money is recommended to take for the 2 week stay considering we are all inclusive.

Would also like to here any reviews about this hotel and what the best excursions are etc prices of drinks outside the hotel and whatever else.


Tijuana answers:

At lease 2000usd even if at a all inclusive.

Joseph asks…

What all-inclusive resort in Mexico has the best value and experiences for first timers ?

First time in Mexico, want something that has a lot to offer that is also safe, fun, and keep us out of trouble.

Tijuana answers:

Dreams Resort and Spa Cancun is getting great reviews on tripadvisor. It’s located in a good location, close to the clubs and shopping. Is surrounded by water on three sides. It’s all-inclusive, no band to wear on your wrist, no reservations needed for the restaurants, no beach/towel key for towels. In a couple of weeks they will be opening their dolphin aquarium. 6 dolphins will be a living at this resort. The food is good and the service is exceptional. Check it out)

Mary asks…

How would Montezuma’s revenge affect sex at an all inclusive resort?

My girlfriend and I are going to Cancun on May 22nd. None of the online reviews regarding Montezuma’s revenge mention precautions to minimize exposure during sexual acts; she is sensitive to infections so regular showering is a must but may put an undesirable hindrance on what our mouths can do.

Have any Cancun goers gotten sick from getting to third base? Failing that, any good tricks to determine if they treat all their water against those microbes?

Tijuana answers:

I don`t understand why , with the sensitivity, you would select Mexico as a destination. There are great deals to the Caribbean islands. Oh well if it`s Mexico make sure which one of you that has it is on the Bottom. Lol
Many,many cities and all of the Yucatan Penninsula have Treated safe water. I don`t like 90 degree water
Quintana Roo has a 60 million dollar water treatment plant. Nobody drinks tapwater and these folks that say :Don`t drink the water” are at a loss to explain why people get the shits when all they drink is Purified water. I know people that have drank pure water for 50 years and always get the shits

Allen made a good point and the Norwalk virus is spread from door knobs and handle. If the water was not treated the death rate would be on the order of 1000 people a day.


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