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Mexico All Inclusive Vacation

Laura asks…

Are alcoholic mixed drinks included in all-inclusive packages for vacation resorts?

I am going to be staying at the Grand Palladium in Riviera Maya. I have the allinclusive package. Will alcoholic mixed drinks be included?

Tijuana answers:

Depends on the package — but usually (esp. In Mexico/Bahamas) “all-inclusive” means all you can eat, and all you can drink, alcoholic and otherwise (they don’t care which, it’s all included).
They usually give you a wristband to tell the employees which “inclusive plan” you’re on when you check in… Then when you order, they just look at the band and know whether to charge you or not based on the color of the band.

Sandy asks…

Where do you want to travel on your next vacation and why?

Most of us love visiting new places! So we wanted the community to share some of their next vacation spots. Will it be somewhere sunny? Maybe cold? You never know, we might just join you.

Tijuana answers:

My husband and I have both never been out of country so I really just want to go to an international destination. My preferences would be Italy, Rome, the United Kingdom, and my husband wants to go to Germany.

We are going to either Mexico or Jamaica more than likely for our honeymoon, and then we are going to try to save up money each month so we can take a trip abroad every other year. There are great cruises or all inclusive deals on travel and we will just look at prices when we book, having never been out of country we aren’t to picky in what we experience, we wanna do it all!

Ruth asks…

How much are last minute all-inclusives to Mexico around Christmas time from Calgary AB?

We would like to go on vacation but have a tight buget. i just want to know if a last minute deal would be feezable. Thank you!

Tijuana answers:

Not sure. You could check the travel sites such as expedia or travelocity (only a couple to name) if you want to do an online check as opposed to phoning the travel agency.
I think it maybe cheaper due to the explosion that happened over there not too long ago.

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