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Mexico All Inclusive Vacation

Linda asks…

Places to travel I want to know where to go on a vacation with my boyfriend?

Preferably somewhere warm, we dont want to go on a cruise. But somewhere that is beautiful and we can walk around. This is our first vacation together and we just want to go somewhere special. Not extremly expensive. Let me know any suggestions!

Tijuana answers:

If you’re looking for some place nice and on the inexpensive side I would go to Cancun, Mexico. It’s so much fun there and it’s beautiful. I’ve been to a ton of places, but I love Cancun and I’m going back for my 4th time this year because it’s affordable and a good time. There’s Hawaii and so many places in the Caribbean, but they cost more money. I’m going for 9 days with a friend and we are staying at a nice hotel [the Cancun Palace] and roundtrip airfare from NY and it’s only costing us under $2000 each and it’s all inclusive. When I went to Hawaii the airfare cost about $1000!

Carol asks…

Suggestions for cheap all inclusive Mexico vacation?

I’m looking to take a trip to Mexico over the new year. I have never been out of the states, so I have no idea where I should go. We are looking for all inclusive, but relatively cheap since we are all broke college students. Any suggestions on destinations or hotels?

Tijuana answers:

Check out the Sunscape Purto Aventuras. My husband and I have gone twice and spent 2 weeks with air for a little over $1,000 a piece all inclusive. This is an area where females would feel save. The nice thing is the resort offers shuttles to the Cancun hot spots and there are some really fun bars with in walking distance. It is a great value!

Chris asks…

Best Places to Vacation out of the US for college kids during christmas break?

Me and about 6 of my friends are looking to do a vacation this christmas break. Were all college students who are between the ages of 19-22. Were looking to go somewhere out of the US either Mexico, Bahamas, Punta Cana, Jamaica, somewhere tropical. We were looking to do an all inclusive and looking to spend between 700-900 at the most. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Tijuana answers:

BORACAY island, Philippines!

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