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Mexico All Inclusive Vacation

Linda asks…

How much will the least expensive vacation cost?

I never been anywhere outside the US besides Mexico. I find that going to Mexico is affordable. This time I was thinking about going to Cabo which is also in Mexico in Baja California. I only heard good things about this place. How much will this vacation cost?, the most we would be out there would probably be 3 or 4 nights. Would it be better to fly? Can you recommend another place that looks just as good and fun and affordable?

Tijuana answers:

If you go to an all inclusive vacation spot in Mexico like Cancun, it will cost about $1000 w/ air fare included (depending on where you’re starting your trip from) and you get all your meals and drinks included.
However, you can also find weekend cruises for about $400 and all the food and drinks are also included. Do a search thru Yahoo for Cheap Vacations or Cruises and see what you find, Or visit a Travel agent or their website and see what they have to offer. Good Luck & Have Fun…
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John asks…

where is a good all inclusive for two guys to meet girls?

My friend and I haven’t been on vacation for a while and we’re thinking about doing an allinclusive somewhere. We don’t want to end up at a big family oriented spot nor do we wish to be stuck with the “spring break” type teenage crowd. Right now I am looking at Cuba and Mexico because they’re cheap and i enjoy booze. I’m hoping to find a place with people in their 20’s and 30’s to meet and party with.

Tijuana answers:

SUGGEST you look into some of the singles All-inclusive resorts in the Carribean!
Go soon while many others are vacationing there!

Daniel asks…

How much spending money should i bring to mexico?

Im going to mexico on a four night, 5 day trip. The hotel we’re staying in is allinclusive, but about how much spending money should i bring? I plan on packing this vacation with activities i.e. water activities, shopping (light), a visit to the ruins, clubbing, etc. and i want to make sure i bring enough money for everything, and then some.

Tijuana answers:

Don’t sweat it, just take your ATM card and withdraw as needed, easy as that my friend. If it is lost or stolen, it can not be used without a pin number, better than credit card. All bank ATM’s everywhere have bilingual ATM machines. Check with your bank to let them know you are traveling to Mexico, so they don’t freeze your account and also to ask if they have any banking agreements with banks there, no transaction fees. For example, if you bank with B of A you can use Banco Santander, with no Transaction fees!

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