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Mexico All Inclusive Vacation

Chris asks…

Where is a nice place to vacation in Cancun and what can you do there?

I never went there before and never really vacation. I looked into it and the travel agency told me about a place called Playa del Carmen. Is that a nice area there? And how far a the famous pyramids (mayan) from there? Because they also offered some 1 week roundtrip on a bus that takes you to places in the region. So I was thinking if you can also take those trips yourself in local buses from the hotel or if that’s too far?

Tijuana answers:

I just returned from Cancun…awesome place!!! Some folks will tell you how dangerous Mexico is and such…that’s only by the border. Cancun is VERY safe and VERY policed. You do need to use common sense though and keep your witts about you.

I went to Playa del Carmen…nice beach but VERY tourist…I stayed at an all inclusive resort about 30 minutes outside of Playa. Right on the beach. It was awesome!!! The resort was El Dorado Maroma. The food was out of this world good. I’ve stayed at other all inclusives where the food was good but nothting special. This resort, every meal was GREAT!!!

As to the area…there are a few places to go. Tulum is the closest and I’ve heard its nice but have never actually been there. I went to Coba – one of the last pyramids you can climb in Mexico. We did a package tour with zip lining and rapeling. Great time and a great guide. I’ve also been to Chichen Iza. Very beautiful. The tours that go will divert you to gift shops because the guides receive a percentage of the sale. Normal practice. (The guides make about $30 a DAY! If they’re good, tip them well.)

Do your research on the tours first to see how much time you’ll spend at the site. If you’re like me, a guide is needed so you can hear the history and understand the concepts the Mayans had when they built them the way they did.

Save time to relax at the beach!

Lizzie asks…

Is it safe to book an all inclusive vacation in Cancun, Mexico?

My bf is flipping out – i told him to relax.

Tijuana answers:

Nope, it is NOT safe to book all-inclusive.

The food might be bland and barely edible and the drinks will probably be made with the cheapest headache-inducing liquors sold in 55-gallon plastic barrels.

If you want to be safe, book a vacation at a GOOD Cancun hotel!

Nancy asks…

What are the Cheapest Vacation Destinations outside of the United States?

We usually go to Mexico but would like to try something different.
We’re definitely beach goers and looking for night life.
Prefer all inclusive resorts.

Any suggestions would be great!

Tijuana answers:

A Tropic island vacation of course at the southeast Asia is one good choice not to miss. Especiallt the Bali Island and their affordable luxury villa rentals.

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