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Mexico All Inclusive Vacation

Sandy asks…

Where is a good all-inclusive vacation destination from Seattle?

I used to live on the east coast where it was easy to travel to the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, DR, Jamaica etc) for cheap, allinclusive vacation bundles. Now in Seattle, I’m trying to figure out where are good destinations in the Pacific. Hawaii is nice, but I’m looking for allinclusive places. I’ve heard there are some resorts in Mexico, like Cabo. Can you help with more suggestions/details?


Tijuana answers:

What about an Alaskan cruise? Usually cruises are all-inclusive.

William asks…

Can you suggests good websites to look for all inclusive vacations?

I am looking for beach, good food, spa (may be). What is the best way to book all inclusive vacations? What price range they generally run per person (to south America – Dominican republic, Mexico, Jamica, Virgin Islands).?

Tijuana answers: I’ve used them for years and never been disappointed -compare rates and you’ll see no one beats them plus you actually get to see your resort ,your room,all the amenities included and read reviews

Robert asks…

It might sound silly, but can you go to an all inclusive resort by boat instead of a plane?

usually, when you book an all inclusive vacation (Mexico, Dominican) you get there by plane. Is there a way to get there by cruise? and stay at the resort for few days?
If so, can you add some websites please. I would like to travel from Miami.

Tijuana answers:

Yes. There are some resorts which have slips for yachts.

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