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Mexico All Inclusive Vacation

Michael asks…

Where should I vacation in the Caribbean with my family (2 adults and 2 children 4 & 1)?

My family wants to go on an all inclusive vacation to the Caribbean sometime jan/feb. We have two small children and want to ensure that the place we are going is safe. There have been so many reports of problems in Mexico including kidnappings. I’m hoping other families will have some experience and recommendation to help us plan a great vacation.

Tijuana answers:

You need to get a travel guidebook to the Caribbean and start doing some research, pronto!

Cayman would be a good destination, but they don’t have many AIs, and I definitely would NOT recommend SMB, as that’s a top destination for all the thousands of cruise passengers that visit GC almost every day. Up in north GC, at Rum Point, would be really nice, but it’s really removed from most conveniences [and driving is on the left], or the East End.

Haven’t heard of that many kidnappings of tourists in Mexico, except for a couple of locations on the Pacific coast. Cancun, the Riviera Maya or Cozumel [another big cruise ship port, but up north is pretty quiet, relatively] would all be OK, I’d think. Don’t know how many AIs there are in any of those locations, as we don’t do AIs any more.

Dominican Republic has a lot of AIs.

You could check on Club Med locations, although CM is on the expensive side.

Since you’re traveling with kids, you might want to consider a condo instead of an AI. You’d undoubtedly save money, although you’d have to do some of your own meal prep. You also have more privacy and room that way, though. and have listings.

You might also want to check for its destination guides and forums and lists of hotels/resorts.

You don’t have much time, so you need to get right to it!

Donna asks…

Where should I vacation in mexico?

My friends and I would like to book a all inclusive vacation to mexico,As our high school graduation presants . Im looking for something cheap. Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

Considering you are graduating from high school and all probably 18 years old and ready to party since you are unable to do so legally in the USA, I would suggest heading to the worlds playground of Cancun. Can’t miss there.

Sharon asks…

Where can I take an all-inclusive vacation to a hot island and come home with a clear conscience?

I don’t want to support countries with violence and corrupt dictatorship (Dominican) or somewhere I’m going to risk being kidnapped or shot (Mexico) or worse…any suggestions? I’d like to go somewhere tropical not Florida or something.

Thanks in advance.

Tijuana answers:

Okinawa Japan

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