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Mexico All Inclusive Vacation

Mandy asks…

Am I safe to use tap water in Mexico to clean dentures?

I’m going to Mexico on vacation soon, specifically to Cozumel. I’ve been there before so I know we will be provided with a bottle of purified water in the bathroom. I recently had to have dentures fitted and I have found that warm water is best for cleaning the denture adhesive off the false teeth. When I go to Cozumel am I ok to use the warm tap water to clean the dentures as long as I rinse them with mouthwash afterwards? Or should I stick to the purified water provided. I don’t want to get any nasty tummy bugs, managed to avoid them last time we were there

Tijuana answers:

It all depends on where you STAY! If you’re staying at a budget property, then yes, use bottled water. If you’re staying at a resort or high end hotel, then most likely all the water is ran through a filtration system. You should simply ask the hotel staff. When I send my clients (I own a travel agency) to Mexico, it is normally to all-inclusive resorts. At these types of properties they have filtration and purification systems for even the tap water. So in these cases, there are no problems. In all of the times I have went down to these resorts I recommend, I have used and drank the water, and it is fine. The best thing to do is just ask the staff/manager if the water is filtrated or purified. You can find out travel related information from my company’s website at also our company just started a FREE Travel Forum. So, check it out. Hope this helps you and others.

Donna asks…


My bridesmaid and I would like to travel to Mexico for an all inclusive type of vacation but are on a budget. Is there a website where we can post details of our desired vacation and have travel agents bid on it? It would be a trip for 8-9 girls.

Tijuana answers:

There is a website called

Any travel agent can help you plan your trip if you let them know of your budget.


William asks…

How soon should I book my all inclusive vacation for best prices?

I am looking at going to an all inclusive resort in Mexico, should I book now or wait closer to the time (March 31st).

Tijuana answers:

If you don’t care what resort you stay at , wait and take your chance , if you concerned about a specific resort I would book now, or check with your travel agent who can give a list of properties that may be what you are looking for example ….4 star or better, closer to the main strip…

Good luck. Have fun

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