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Mexico All Inclusive Vacation

Sharon asks…

Best price for an all inclusive vacation ?

I’m looking to go to mexico maybe early december , what’s the best advice to find the best package ?

Tijuana answers:

Need to know a few things – when you want to go, what resort, length of stay, etc…..

David asks…

What part of Mexico has the most mayan ruins?

I’m planning a trip to mexico in the yucatan peninsula. I want to go somewhere that has great beaches, and fun activities at night, most of all I want to explore mayan ruins. What would be the best city to do this in?

Tijuana answers:

It depends on what type of person you are. If you are into the huge all inclusive resort type thing with abnoxious teenyboppers getting drunk then Cancun is the place to go. If you are into a slightly older/european(22-30) crowd but still very commercial(resorts) then playa del carmen is what you want. If you want a smaller quieter place on the beach with a young european crowd(20-25), tulum is the place to go. Personally, I never liked cancun. The city is big, dirty and expensive. The conversations that you’ll find with people there tend to be lacking. Ten years ago Playa del Carmen was awesome. The night life was great and the beach was gorgeous. Today it is overbuilt. They put a McDonalds on the corner of 5th and avenida juarez about 5 years ago. You’ll get hassled walking down the street by people trying to sell you stuff. Once I saw the Mc Donalds, I bought a vacation home in Tulum. You will find the best food in Playa. The night life in Tulum kind of sucks but the beaches are pristine and if ruins are what youre into, there are plenty. Tulum ruin is about 3km from the city. You are at the turnoff point for coba and chichen itza. There are cenotes(springs) all over the place and it lacks the plastic feeling of cancun and unfortunately playa. You can stay at very nice hotels/cabanas on the beach with full service or you can stay in a hostel on the beach or even in town. I always preferred hostels bc of the great people you meet. Even now that I have a place on the beach, I miss the old days of the backpack and chicken bus. Flores(Tikal) is worth the trip if you have time. It is also very very very worth it to go to Palenque and san cristobal. Get a lonely planet and read up on the region. It is usually pretty current and it will give you great tips on where to stay and how to get there. Overall, if you want a fun night, good food and ruins close by, I would say Playa is still it. But Tulum is great too. Don’t overplan, never reserve a place before you get there. Feel it out and see what fits you. Stay in Playa the first night and visit tulum the next day. Tulum city isn’t so nice but go out to the beach on boca paila and you will see what I mean. Go ahead and email me if you have more questions or want tips.

Robert asks…

What website is the best place to get an all-inclusive vacation to Mexico?

I was looking online at a couple of sites, but I don’t know where the cheapest and most legitimate sites are. I really don’t want to get ripped off. I was thinking about going sometime this summer. It would probably just be me and my bf. He is 19 & I am 18. I also would like to know what town would be the best for us to visit. (most safe, etc.)
Any recommendations? Links to sites are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Cancun is one of the safest cities in Mexico.
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