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Mexico All Inclusive Vacation

Betty asks…

Where is a good place to vacation in Mexico in Late July?

A few friends and I are vacationing to Mexico on the 20th of this month, we originally planned for Puerto Vallarta however we aren’t a fan of the rain they experience this time of year. We are still very determined to travel to Mexico but i was hoping if anyone could advise us of a location in Mexico that will not be raining during our stay. We prefer a location that can provide plenty of sun or if necessary a place that will experience minimal amounts of rainfall. Like i said we are leaving on the 20th and plan to return on the 28th of July, Unfortunately due to our schooling this is the only time we could manage to get off together therefore there is no possibility of traveling another time of year.
For our vacation We are looking for :

1.A relatively cheap location to travel to, we are all 19 years of age and not made of money/ have student loans to pay

2.We definitely want to be on/ or close to a beach as surfing lessons was a major component of our vacation.

3.Needless to say we would prefer a safe location in Mexico. However we are doing an all inclusive vacation and plan to stay close to our resort, and from what I’ve heard most resorts are relatively safe if you stay within its confines

Any suggestions you could provide would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

Tijuana answers:

I was going to say Playa del Carmen. Am a scuba diver not a surfer. I looked up Surfing in Latin America.It came back with 10 places Baja california, Guatemala,The southern 2/3 of mexicos pacific side. Brazil, Panama, Uruguay, Nicaragua, Peru I recall seeing people surfing in Lima, going through the airport, you better know your spanish. And Chile. Do your homework and know how many hours of flight time you are willing sit through. For me Lima, playa del carmen, costa rica and the dominican republic is a 5 hour flight where Oahu is almost 10.

Sandy asks…

What is considered “domestic” alcohol in Mexico?

I am going on a all inclusive vacation to Cancun…its says all domesitc alcholocic drinks are included. Which ones would be domestic?

Tijuana answers:

Dos equis

Lizzie asks…

Best Resorts in Mexico for Single Male Traveller?

I am a 20 year old male from Canada, and I’m hoping to fly down to Mexico for a 5-7 night all inclusive vacation sometime in November or early December. I am hoping to find a place with a great nightlife (Inside the resort) and also an all around party atmosphere. I have been looking at adult only resorts, which obviously seem a bit more suited to what I’m looking for, however they are more expensive and there doesn’t seem to be many of them.

Please answer with which resorts in Mexico you would recommend to a solo-travelling 20 year old male in order to have a good time partying in the resort with people around my age. Thank you in advance!

Tijuana answers:

Having been to many, I would suggest Cancun >3

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