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Mexico All Inclusive Vacation

Betty asks…

Are you supposed to tip on an all inclusive paid vacation?

Im going on my first all inclusive vacation to Mexico and wanted to know if I am suppossed to tip on an all inclusive paid vacation?

Tijuana answers:

You’re really not suppose to tip on an all-inclusive vacation. A lot of hotels frown upon that. I typically when given good service, sneak and give them an additional tip. Some places fire staff for accepting tips from the customer.

Ken asks…

Where can I get a good deal on an all inclusive vacation?

Destination wise I am thinking the Caribbean, or Mexico. Somewhere warm where I can lay on a beach and drink fruity things with umbrellas in them. Has anyone booked an all inclusive vacation for a good deal through a particular site? Or have you visited a place that was nice as well as affordable?

Tijuana answers:

Ive looked into all of them. Mexicao and the DR are cheaper but the cheapest is a good old cruise!

Maria asks…

What to prefer – Caribbean cruise or all inclusive vacation?

Hubby and I are planning to go to Caribbean for spring break, in March 2012. We cannot decide whether to go on a cruise or on an allinclusive vacation. And where exactly in Caribbean to go?
Mexico? Dominican? Puerto Rico or some other islands?

We are in our late twenties, have never been that direction. Budget is a concern too 🙂
Thank you!
Thanks, JustAGirl! Yes, if you would, that be great:)

Tijuana answers:

Hi Ya
I’ve done both and both have their own unique pluses and minuses.

For a cruise:
– multiple destinations
– very relaxing with lots to do usually on board
– getting to know other passengers
– shows on board, usually
– usually good food choices or varying places to eat on board
– minimal time in port could mean that not all that wish to be done get done, rushing to get back to the ship
– package tours offered can be expensive and limited
– days at sea can be restrictive
– can be a restriction on alcoholic drinks
A-I resort
– food and most if not all alcoholic drinks included
– daily and nightly entertainment
– being able to explore the local area at your own pace
– more choice in excursions
– get to know other visitors
– getting to know a local or two
– can be convinced that it is not safe to leave the resort (not true in most cases)
– limited food, or food becomes boring after a while

Personally, I didn’t mind the cruise and I would do another one, but I sure do like spending a few days or a week or two in one place so that I can explore, relax, maybe get to know a local or two, take a few trips/excursions,and sample the local culture & food.

Both are good choices….imho I would think it would be more down to seeing multiple destinations or getting to know one place….each are great!

With respect to when you would like to go….well, you will have to see or decide what atmosphere you might like. Most “spring breakers” won’t be on a cruise, where as, Mexico will more then likely have quite a few, especially some place like Cancun. A cruise might also be a bit cheaper but again, you are going to have to do some comparison. You might want to consider a travel agent to help you as they can lay out all your options for you.

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