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Mexico All Inclusive Wedding

Betty asks…

Where should we go for out honeymoon?

My girlfriend and I have just got engaged! as exciting as this is we have a wedding to plan, and a honeymoon:) we’ve had a few thoughts on were we want to go, im very keen on Zanzibar in Tanzania and she loves the look of Antigua this really is just a beach holiday to relax and unwind, but it seems our budget of 3000 pounds doesnt seem to go very far, were only looking for 7-10 days any suggestions on were to go would be great!!

Tijuana answers:

Congrats! I am assuming you live in England so the Caribbean/Antigua is going to be far and expensive for you. If you want a beach vacation, how about the Canary Islands or the Greek Islands (Santorini, Rhodes, etc.)? If you want to travel further, I would suggest Mexico—Cabo San Lucas or Riviera Maya are nice. There are some all-inclusives where you can get a great deal. I would also check out Barbados being that you English. I know Virgin Atlantic airlines runs some good deals there from the U.K. There are quite a few all-inclusive hotels there too so you wouldn’t have to worrry about the cost of food and drink.

Lizzie asks…

Best place for all inclusive wedding/ hotel in fl?

Hello. I would like to get married in October on a beach on the west coast of Florida. I would like to find a place that is an all inclusive resort and wedding. I really want to find something reasonably priced and most websites make u call to get any prices. Is there maybe a website that has great deals and I can compare a bunch at once? It will be a small wedding with 20 or less btw. Is there a good time of year to get good deals on this or are they just last min deals? Thanks for any info!

Tijuana answers:

In florida?

Does not exist.

You need to go to jamaica or mexico.

Or some other caribbean island, aside from jamaica. Although not the bahamas or vi.

John asks…

How many countries in the entire world allow gay marriage?

Keep in mind that this is a number out of approximately 195

Dr Jazz: Are you delusional? You are one of the most intolerant people I’ve ever seen on here
Furyan: Wrong. The answer is 7
Furyan, lol. Most of those you list have legal CIVIL UNIONS, no gay marriage
Aguadelf has it

Tijuana answers:

Countries Where Gay Marriage is Legal

Please note: In some of these countries there is a distinction made between civil unions and marriage; while civil unions are allowed marriage rights may or may not be granted. Where a note is made about expanded rights, it means same-sex marriage has been specifically recognized.

•Mexico (since 2006)
•Croatia (since 2003)
•Denmark (since 1989)
•Finland (since 2001)
•France (since 1999)
•Germany (since 2001/expanded rights 2004)
•Hungary (since 1996/expanded rights as of July 1, 2009)
•Iceland (since 1996)
•Sweden (as of May 1, 2009)
•Norway (since 2008)
•Netherlands/Holland (no amendments needed; language of existing laws inclusive)
•Belgium (since 2003)
•Spain (since 2005)
•South Africa (since 2006)
•Luxembourg (since 2004 with limitations)
•New Zealand (since 2004)
•Portugal (since 2001)
•Sweden (since 1995/expanded rights as of April 1, 2009)
•Switzerland (since 2005)
•United Kingdom (since 2005)
•Canada (since 2004/2005)
•United States (some states)

US States Where Gay Marriage is Legal

•Massachusetts(as of July 2008)
•Connecticut (as of October 10, 2008)
•Iowa (as of April 3, 2009)
•District of Columbia (no gay marriages performed but will recognize the rights of same-sex couples who wed in other jurisdictions)
•Vermont (as of September 1, 2009)
•Maine (as of mid September, 2009)
•New Hampshire (to be signed pending language that respects religious beliefs of opposite-sex couples)
•New York (no gay marriages performed but will recognize the rights of same-sex couples who wed in other jurisdictions)
•New Jersey (as of February 2007)
•Oregon (as of February 4, 2008)
•Washington (as of April 15, 2009)

—–so far—–

Obviously your information is old, and I’d be surprised if my sources are up to date, civil rights doesn’t stop when you aren’t looking Bear.

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