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Mexico All Inclusive Wedding

Carol asks…

We need help on finding a honeymoon location for us next June!?

This has been the hardest part of planning our wedding. Can anyone recomend any good resorts from the US to Mexico? We are looking for something that offers a private jazuzzi if all possible.

The Poconos are out….we arent interested in that location. Vegas is out since in the summer it is way toooo hot. We thought about taking the seven day land and sea cruise with Disney World but is not fair to my daughter who has never been before. Hawaii is out since it is overly expensive.

I appreciate every advice that is offered to us!

Tijuana answers:

What interests do you have? Are you looking for warm and tropical or cooler? You prefer the beach or the mountains?

Have you considered a cruise? There are many great cruises and I am quite a cruise addict. Don’t do the Disney land and sea, but what about Royal Caribbean?

San Fran is beautiful. San Diego. Go see wineries. Lots of states have some great wineries and many even have winery tours where you can be driven in a van around to 10 different wineries. We are going to Oregon soon to do a wineries tour.

NYC may be too expensive (idk your burget) but there are tons of things to do there. Take in a broadway show. Go to the Met. You could spend 1 day just doing the tourist–empire state, statue of liberty.

If you are outdoorsy, Yellowstone or Yosimite have some amazing trails to hike. Rent a secluded cabin. You could also go to Maine. I went out to see the puffins off an island in Maine. Amazing trip.

Savannah and Charleston are very historic and romantic areas. I love the history tours.

Consider the Blue Ridge mountains. I have many friends that have honeymooned in the Appalachian mountains. Beautiful scenary. Hundreds of bed and breakfasts if you like. Many times they have things they will arrange for you–horseback riding on trails, and quaint little shops to go shopping in. Mom and Pop places for lunch and dinner. My husband and I love bed and breakfasts.

Many of the ski resorts are getting to be happening places in the middle of summer as well. It’s much cheaper but they still have summer activities on the “slopes”. Vail and Breakenridge I know have summer activities.

I took a trip in June up to Michigan to Mackinaw Island. It was fabulous. No cars are allowed and it is a beautiful place. My family used to take a trip to Canada most summers. Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and of course Niagara Falls on its own.

San Antonio is one that may shock you. A walk along the riverwalk is so romantic. It is really wonderful, and doesn’t seem to be as hot as the rest of Texas. Same with Galveston.

Colorado and New Mexico have a huge variety of spa and resorts. Sedona AZ is world famous for some of theirs. That may be out of the price range you were looking for, but very relaxing.

Then Mexico on its own has a huge number of resorts. Cabo san Lucas is a popular choice. And one of my favorite locations is Cozumel. I could easily have spent weeks in Cozumel. Along with many other locations in central mexico for a remote, secluded, technology-free vacation.

Have you looked into an island vacation? St Thomas is a particular favorite of mine. I’ve been there several times and could go back every year. So much to see and do, great snorkeling. I’ve heard Puerto Rico is great as well as long as you get out of San Juan. Aruba is also beautiful and great snorkeling. I’ve had friends who stayed at all-inclusive resorts on St Lucia or St Kitts (including Sandals but not only Sandals) that said that would be their vacation every year they were married. Just amazing.

As I said we took a cruise and I love cruises. So many fabulous islands to tour. My suggestion–if you take a cruise, pick an itinerary that has one “free” day. Lets say you get married on Sat. You travel all day Sun and board the ship. That afternoon, the ship departs. Pick an itinerary that Monday is just a day at sea. Otherwise you’ll feel rushed and like every single day is a planned activity that requires you waking up early.

Many hotels, spas, and resorts offer private jacuzzis but if you stay somewhere in the US definitely consider renting a cabin. In the mountains they have hundreds of cabins owned by skiiers. The rest of the year they rent it out. My friends and I usually rent a cabin when we go up to a football game or go snow skiing. It’s cheaper than a hotel and you have a kitchen, jacuzzi and many have fireplaces (not like you need that in June).

I hope these help, but you have SO MANY ideas since you didn’t even limit us to a region in the US or Mexico.

Helen asks…

Can you book an entire small hotel for a destination wedding?

I heard one hotel in Mexico rented out 15 of its rooms for a wedding party and charged a $3500 rate per day. If you could do that, it would be more incentive for people to come for a quick getaway and still keep costs below that of a traditional, stay-at-home, reception hall wedding.

Tijuana answers:

Most hotels love that so they are willing to do it very easily. I rented out the whole bed and breakfast where I got married and paid for the wedding party and our parents to stay there the whole weekend. Because i rented the whole place they were willing to cut me a discount on the rooms.

My best friend just stayed in a resort in Mexico that they had rented the whole place. Everything was inclusive and they had a wonderful time.

Good luck with your wedding!


Lisa asks…

What is the average budget for a wedding in the UK?

Tijuana answers:

Well …. They say the average cost is £16,000 but me and my hubby managed to have a perfect day and honeymoon for £10,000. We had church, horse & carriage, sit down meal for 60 people, buffet and disco for 160 people and then jetted off to Mexico for two weeks all inclusive …. Fantastic 🙂

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