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Mexico All Inclusive Wedding

Chris asks…

Has anyone stayed at the Avalon Grand Cancun?

I received a trip to Cancun as a wedding gift, it is an all inclusive at the Avalon Grand, I want to know how the hotel rates? any reviews will help, thanks

Tijuana answers:

While i’ve not specifically been to this hotel you can read the reviews here:

I will say what I tell everyone that is going on an All inclusive vacation to Mexico. Don’t worry about the hotel, you will make the vacation good or bad according to your attitude when you show up in Mexico. All inclusive hotels can be very FUN, if you want to have fun. If you want peace and quiet then you will probably be disappointed. Remember everyone else is on vacation too and in a great party mood and the hotel staff realizes this and extends that party atmosphere with games, contests, nightly shows etc. All aimed at giving you the vacation of your life. If you show up at the hotel with a good open attitude willing to have fun, and particpate in the games and sports, and shows the hotel staff offers you will have a vacation to remember no matter where you stay!

However if you show up in Mexico expecting every single thing to be as perfect as it is in the USA (Service, Cabs, Hotel Rooms, Food) etc as if you are going to write a hotel review on every small detail that you encounter, you may be in for a frustrating vacation as you will find many things to disappoint you in Mexico. Some people just seem to have there vacations ruined over the smallest details (the maid didn’t leave enough towels for example) Just remember you aren’t in the USA anymore and it does absolutely no good to try and compare the two countries. Why not venture out into the hotel and look for a maid and practice your high school Spanish with her and ask for that towel? I’m betting you will get a smile and a couple of fresh towels – no matter where you stay in Mexico!

Relax, enjoy your vacation, take that watch off and live on Mexican time for a week!

Have a great one

George asks…

Destination wedding in Mexico?

I’m planning to have my wedding and seeing that our kids are coming we are looking for a inexpensive allinclusive. Any recomendations?

Tijuana answers:

My best advise is to not com to mejico.

Its not safe

Robert asks…

Destination Wedding in Mexico – Help finding location?

Hello! So my fiance and I are planning a wedding for Mexico at the end of November. However, we are having a hard time finding a location.
Anyone had any success that cares to forward on any resources?
We are from the west coast of Canada, so in order to keep it more affordable – we were hoping to have it along the west coast of Mexico. We don’t want anything too expensive (1500ish, all inclusive). We also would like it on a beach – where we can swim.
Thank you so much in advance! 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Why don’t you consider Sayulita Beach, just N. Of Puerto Vallerta. You could fly into PV easily. It’s only a 40 min drive up to Sayulita.

Checkout the site: sayulitalife,com for accomidations.

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