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Mexico All Inclusive Wedding

George asks…

are there any all inclusive wedding venues anywhere near los angeles?

I have a budget of about 15,000 not including flowers or dress. I want to stay as close to L.A as possible but dont mind driving further out to find a nice affordable place.

Tijuana answers:


Daniel asks…

what should one present to a wedding couple on a destination wedding?

a friend is getting married in mexico in the winter.
i am in the wedding party itself
we have to pay our own way to mexico, and the resort is “all inclusive
what is a reasonable ammount to present to them?
note: they have enough people going, that the trip for the bride and groom is free

Tijuana answers:

Something small and heartfelt. I agree with the $50 limit.

Don’t bring the present to Mexico; give it to them when they get home 🙂

John asks…

Wedding in Mexico: Hire local or bring a destination wedding photographer?

I am getting married next year in Mexico (live is US) and have hard time deciding whether to bring someone form US or hire a local wedding photographer. The big problem is a price of bringing a photographer as it has a travel fees added. However, I couldn’t find any local photographer who fits my style and I don’t want “all inclusive package” from the resort which has a photographer. My friend went down this route and she is totally disappointed with her photos (long story). Any recommendations?

Tijuana answers:

Only you can decide that. The all-inclusive photographer probably won’t be the same quality or get the type or quantity of pictures that you want. If you want a small handful of pictures that are strictly formal posed shots, then go with the local photographer since that is all they do.

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