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Mexico All Inclusive Wedding

Sandy asks…

What’s a good all-inclusive Mexico/Caribbean that has a casino, or at least a casino nearby?

I am going to have a destination wedding and am looking for an allinclusive resort that has a casino or at least a casino nearby for some of my guests.

Tijuana answers:

Most of the hotels on Palm Beach in Aruba have casinos on site, and they’re easily within walking distance of each other. So, for example, if you choose to stay at the Riu, your guests could easily walk next door to the Radisson and gamble. The casinos in the Caribbean aren’t anywhere near as large as those in Vegas, just keep that in mind.

George asks…

Any advice on planning an outdoor beach wedding?

Locations, photographers, food, cake, etc. We would love to rent a beach house and have small ceremony for 10-15 people or to get married in Mexico at an all inclusive resort.

Tijuana answers:

Start with the exact location–that makes everything else a piece of cake. Make sure you know the legal requirements-you don’t want to find out that you can’t legally be married because you haven’t been in country long enough or something like that. Then, go with a reputable coordinator to make your arrangements for you. Leave the details to her.

We were married in St Thomas in 08 using and they had it all spelled out as to what we needed to do exactly to make our wedding happen. The planning could not have been easier or less stressful-because we trusted them and let the details up to them. When you’re super far away, its the only way to go.

Also, for a beach wedding, make sure you have a plan B in case of bad weather. For us, it rained right before the ceremony, but luckily it only lasted a minute and then we got a rainbow! But, we did have something lined up in case we needed it.

Betty asks…

Do All Inclusive Destination Weddings Package Prices Include Hotel Stay? Do all inclusive destination wedding?

Do all inclusive destination wedding packages include the cost of housing your guests?

For example, if a hypothetical all inclusive destination wedding package in Mexico was $2500, would that also include room and board for lets say 5-10 guests for a few nights?

If no, does anyone have any suggestions as to some all inclusive packages (Mexico, Cancun, Riviera Maya preferably) that include hotel (and even airfare if possible)

Thanks! =)

Tijuana answers:

Nothing that I ever found included any lodging at all for guests, and most of the time not for the bride and groom either.
There are so many all inclusives that you can get packages to, go on for some examples.

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