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Mexico All Inclusive Wedding

Paul asks…

Whats the best month & resort to get married at in Riviera Maya Mexico?

Hello everyone,

We are planning a wedding in the Riviera Maya area. We like the Secrets resorts, Palace resorts, and also the Royal Hideaway Playacar Occidental Resort. We want an all inclusive resort that is adults only. They all look beautiful, so its hard to decide. Also I am still in school so I’m looking at May or June. Any info. would be greatly appreciated!

Tijuana answers:

I was at a wedding in Cancun last December, and it was horrible. It was at the Occidental Grand Xcaret. There were approximately 25 guests with the wedding party staying at this resort, and they couldn’t have done more to not only separate us, (even though they guaranteed we would all be in the same building, as that was what we paid a hefty deposit for), the staff never showed up for the wedding with the sound system, mics, and even the set up, they conveniently lost our reception reservation, (which was already paid for) and made us wait 3 hours until all of the properly reserved guests had eaten. Even though there were several other restaurants, and two buffets. It was ridiculous.

I was incredibly thankful the couple were staying at the Cancun Palace (Spa Palace) resort for their honeymoon. It is incredibly beautiful, peaceful, and you don’t get poor service for not tipping at your supposed “All-inclusive” resort. The spa and beach are wonderful, and the bedding is fresh and clean. Not to mention the wedding gazebo could not be more gorgeous. Needless to say, my vote is for the Cancun Palace Resort. Congratulations, and have a great time!

David asks…

Looking for a destination wedding/honeymoon where would you go and why?

We are looking at Mexico vs Jamaica vs Bahamas and Couples vs Sandals vs Dreams Resorts. We want a long white beach, Catholic ceremony, travel in April, and want to take off to another resort afterwards as our ‘honeymoon’ and away from guests, and all inclusive. Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

How about one of the Riu Resorts? We personally do not like Jamaica, Bahamas will not be hot at that time of year. What about the Caymans? I would choose Aruba over what you are picking.

Donald asks…

Is it weird to go to an all-inclusive by yourself?

long story short – I had a pre-wedding mini meltdown and I need to get away from all of it – the planning, the stress. I am also in law school and want to go away somewhere before school starts again.

I want to go to resort in Mexico (Mayan Riveria). My question is though, its a very luxurious/ romantic resort…. is it weird to go alone?

Tijuana answers:

The phrase “luxurious/romantic” sends red flags flying.
Thumbs down for me but…
It’s like telling my self, one more bag of chips for tomorrow I diet.
You know what is in your heart.
Pre wedding melt down? If you really love this person you should be running TO them not running away hoping for one last “luxurious/romantic (key words)”get away””.
Do you have a pre-nup too?

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