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Mexico All Inclusive Wedding

Robert asks…

Is it weird to go to an all-inclusive by yourself?

long story short – I had a pre-wedding mini meltdown and I need to get away from all of it – the planning, the stress. I am also in law school and want to go away somewhere before school starts again.

I want to go to resort in Mexico (Mayan Riveria). My question is though, its a very luxurious/ romantic resort…. is it weird to go alone?

Tijuana answers:

Nah who cares, unless you feel out of place.

Jenny asks…

Looking for a wedding planner in Puerto Vallarta?

I’m getting married at the end of the year, and the place I really like is Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Do you know an unexpensive wedding planner there?

Tijuana answers:

I would scout out resorts/hotels where you would be interested in staying while on your destination wedding. Most hotels offer wedding planning services (some for free) when you book a full vacation at their resort. If you are not planning on staying at a full all-inclusive resort, it would still be worth it to contact local hotels there, because they will surely have wedding planning contacts, since they probably host many destination and local weddings.

You could also try contacting wedding planners in your area that specialize in destination weddings. They might be able to plan it all locally, and then get you a contact person for the time you are in Mexico. It might be nice to have someone you can go and sit down with in your home city/state for all the planning before you actually arrive in Mexico for the wedding.

Good Luck!

Sandy asks…

Help! Can anyone recommend a tropical destination wedding location?

My fiance and I want to get married this summer. We want something low-stress, affordable, and elegant. We have lived in the United States, New Zealand, Portugal, Lebanon, and Japan within the past few years. Right now we are in Japan, but our permanent home is in Michigan. We have decided that we want a small destination wedding in a tropical location…but there are SO many websites and places to choose some. Please, if you got married in a tropical destination can you give me some feedback??? We are toying with the idea of Jamaica, Hawaii, and Mexico right now. We want to make a decision soon but would really like some feedback from someone personal experience. We would like to spend under $5000 for the allinclusive wedding package, if possible.

Tijuana answers:

Both Jamaica and Mexico is great, Hawaii on the other hand would be a great spot to get married but Hawaii is way too expensive. Its a lot of money to go there and its even more to get married there. Try going to Jamaica its not common for weddings, mexico on the other hand is very common. Its cheap in Mexico but its not even close to being as romantic as Jamaica. Jamaica has a better view and is just perfect for any wedding.

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