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Mexico All Inclusive Wedding

Carol asks…

im looking for a afforadable inclusive wedding package?

cant find the good stuff
something with a cruise possibly definitely a Florida, or Hawaii, or a Bahamas, Jamaica , mexico im open to options thanks..let me know please

Tijuana answers:

I would recommend for an all inclusive package. Check out their top rated wedding settings on their pages.

Jenny asks…

all inclusive destination wedding packages?

Looking for a great all inclusive destination wedding package..not to expensive as guests have to pay their flight and hotel. I would like a beach destination, not mexico. any suggestions, are there any resorts that ppl have actually been to that are nice?

Tijuana answers:

Are you looking for US? Look on travel sites for Hawaii, Florida and California… They are out there you need to look a little bit.

Best of luck to you.

Chris asks…

Has anyone gotten married through the Destin Wedding Company?

My fiance and I are trying to plan a wedding in the Florida Panhandle and need some advice!! I have found the Destin Wedding Company in Destin, Florida and so far they look good to me because we are looking for an all inclusive company who will provide the ceremony and reception all in one. I have been emailing someone from the company and he has been helpful but I want to know from people’s personal experencies.

Has anyone used this wedding company who can give me feedback and tell me where you had your reception. Also what beach you used for your ceremony! We are looking for an outdoor reception, perhaps on a patio by a pool, a wooden floor pavilion on the beach(I’m not crazy about the one at Henderson State Park), or a tented reception. We are trying to keep the cost under $10,000 and don’t know if this is possible.

Thank you!!

Tijuana answers:

Hi, I’m friends with a lot of people in the wedding industry and I love to give advice to brides here on Yahoo. I have friends who work with iWedding Mexico and I think they would be a lot of help to you. They do destination weddings and I know personally that they’re fantastic. You can visit their website or you can just email Jayme at . They’ll talk to you for free and a quote is free as well.
Hope this helps!

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