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Mexico All Inclusive Wedding

Sandy asks…

What are the best all inclusive wedding resorts to get married at?

We are planning on having a wedding in either Mexico or Jamaica. We would like to find a gorgeous, safe, all inclusive resort to have our wedding. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Tijuana answers:

The One & Only Luxury Resorts are the best! They have seven locations: Bahamas, Dubai, another one in Dubai, Maldives, Mauritus, Mexico, and South Africa. My favorite is the resort in Mauritus–such an exotic location, and oh-so-beautiful scenery!
The prices aren’t bad, either.

Charles asks…

What is the best non-registry wedding gift you have received?

What is a creative and non-registry gift other than cash that you have received for your wedding. I want to give something practical but unique. Fine china, crystal, bath towel, or kitchen appliances seem kind of boring.

Note: I don’t want to give anything sex related, just a nice awesome gift.

Tijuana answers:

A basket of all the must have’s for our trip to Mexico. It included: Large coffee travel mugs for the bar at the all inclusive, sun screen, bug spray, bandaids, underwater camera, anti-diarreah meds, ibuprofen, anti nausea pills, beach towels, band-aids, kleenex, toothpaste/toothbrushes…all the things you need. It was great and incredibly practical!

Maria asks…

what to do on your 2yr wedding anniversary?

My husband and i are getting ready to celebrate our 2yr wedding anniversary and we have no clue what to do. Last year we where given a romantic horse and buggy ride threw our town and then we went and spent the weekend in a hotel with a hot tub! We had a blast but want to do something different this year. Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

Moon Palace in Cancun Mexico is the best place in the world all inclusive. Everything!!!!! Alcohol, room service, amazing food incredible place! You’ll never want to go anywhere else. Go to apple vacations. Com or palace hotels cancun on line. You’ll be treated like a queen and king! Pools are to die for!

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