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Mexico All Inclusive

William asks…

What is the drinking age at mexico all inclusive resorts?

im 16, and im going to Sandos PlayaCar Beach resort is says the beer is inclusive what is the drinking age ? btw i live in belgium and the drinking age here is 16 ? so what is it there ? 21 ?

Tijuana answers:

The official drinking age is 18.

Fortunately though, the drinking age is enforced nice and laxly, so it’s unlikely to be a problem for you. If your all inclusive resort won’t serve you, just visit a local convenience store and they’ll almost certainly sell you some chilly cervezas.

Remember…the custom is to raise your glass and say, “Salud!”

Susan asks…

Where is a good place in Mexico or Bahamas to take an 18 year old?

I’d like to take my daughter to Mexico. Somewhere all inclusive and reasonably priced. We’ve been to Cancun twice and loved it, but would like to try somewhere else.

Tijuana answers:

Cabo San Lucas is very nice and has a lot of clubs that an 18 year old girl would enjoy. It is also very safe.

Richard asks…

How much money should I bring for 5 days at Riviera Maya?

My Riviera Maya stay in Mexico is allinclusive, but how much may I need for things on the street/out to eat?

Tijuana answers:

Don`t bring any. Use the ATM at the Cancun Airport. It is a big hassle exchanging US dollars and you are limited to $1500.00 a month. It takes them 10 minutes to do all the paperwork.
I suggest you take out $1000 .00 Pesos at a time.

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