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Mexico City

James asks…

What is so different about Mexico City that required athletes to spend time to ‘acclimatize’?

Athletes competing in the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City arrived in the city some weeks before the games begun. They wanted to ‘acclimatize’.
What is so different about Mexico City that required this special preparation? What would be the problems experienced by foreign athletes competing in the Games?How were these problems of the athletes overcome?

Tijuana answers:

Altitude. The athletes (or anyone) have to acclimate to the difference in air pressure. Mexico City is 7,400 feet above sea level. Similar to problems in playing sports in Denver (The Mile High City).

Charles asks…

How could Mexico City get water in future?

Mexico City is the biggest city in the world in population and that’s one of the main reasons why the water is so short in supply there. People are already fighting for the water according to local news. The water is brought only from a small subterraneal lake and a river. Can you think of an idea to bring water in the future? Or what would you do save the water there?

Tijuana answers:

This is why I’m moving to Canada. They’ve got all the natural resources, including fresh water sources (a joke about moving, not a joke about resources).

Mexico City is screwed, to be honest, unless a method is found to make fresh water out of seawater with small amounts of energy.

Sandra asks…

What are some interesting things to do in Mexico City?

I’m visiting Mexico City and Cuernavaca shortly. I’d like some suggestions for interesting things to do off the tourist trail. I like museums, shopping, anything.

Tijuana answers:

There are too many things to mention. Folklore Ballet, many different museums as Archeology, Mayan culture……A must is the pyramids of the Moon and the Stars built by the Aztecs, Operas, but you’d need to be fluent in Spanish, the Basilica of the Lady Guadalupe (and history that goes with it) , it has grand parks to be admired, and Mexico is not Mexico not to go to the Local Market (not Tourist), they have malls such as the U.S., stores like Gucci, Dior and Armani. The Mariachi in Garibaldi Plaza and I enjoyed the City of Toluca, about 45 minutes, from the outskirts of Mexico City. I particularly like the restaurants La Mansions, old aristocratic houses made into fine dining. I liked the Mariachi concerts….as I’ve liked that music since being a kid watching old TV movies. I never stay on the tourist paths, I need to speak to the locals and listen to their opinions and culture. As you can tell I simply love the Country and people. Of course, stay out of raunchy bars=trouble. They have great jazz, blues and average. The Lobby Bars in good hotels are lovely with live music such as Isabella Sheraton, the Crown Royal and Hyatt. Depending what you want to spend and do >3

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