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Mexico City

Mary asks…

What airlines fly from Dallas to Mexico City?

I want to go to Mexico City for Spring Break but tickets are kind of expensive. Is there any other airline (besides American Airlines) that flies there?


Tijuana answers:

The airlines with non-stop service between DFW and Mexico City, according to the link below, are Aeromexico and American Airlines. You can also use a website such as,,, or to see the schedules and prices of other airlines who will fly between DFW and Mexico City, but who will have a connection at another airport (such as Delta, US Airways, or United).

Michael asks…

How long would to take to get to mexico city from california in car?

my family is planning a road trip to mexico city in car from and i want to know how long it will take to get to there from california to mexico city.(the real mexico not new mexico)

Tijuana answers:

I believe that most people from California enter at Nogales and then drive to Mexico City. I would imagine around three days from Nogales. You don’t want to drive at night and you just don’t make good time on the highways down there, compared to our freeways that is.

George asks…

Is it safe to go to Mexico City for tourism?

I indent to go just for 1 day to have a short city tour of Mexico city along with my wife and my 4 years old daughter, on the hop on hop off bus. I am planning to stay in a hotel near to airport so that I can go into city just to take the hop on bus for a day sight seeing and return to hotel (near airport) for next morning flight. Is it safe? Any advice to make our journey safe? Which places should we avoid and what are the main attractions we should not miss? Thanks for your answer. We are Indians.

Tijuana answers:

Mexico city is very safe, safer than most American cities, but I should tell you about the no so safe places, like the neighborhoods just beside the Airport, so do not wonder around outside the airport, go straight to your hotel and take a taxi ONLY in the places call “sitio de Taxis” or ask the front desk of the hotel to get you one…You can also take the subway, only avoid rush hours, that’s before 9 a.m or after 6 p.m, it is very cheap like 25 cents of a US Dollar for a ticket.

My suggestion for a quick trip is go to the main square in downtown ( Zocalo) visit the cathedral and the museum of the ruins of the aztec buildings called Templo Mayor, then ask for something called Touribus, its for sightseeing and they take you around some good spots of the city. If you still have time visit the Anthropology Museum, its a most.

Do not wonder to far North of the Cathedral or wonder East of the Main Square, is also kind of Dangerous.

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