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Mexico City

Carol asks…

How much would a young person need to live in Mexico City per month?

I’m from California and I’m thinking of moving to Mexico City in the fall for a couple of months to get better at Spanish and taking some Spanish classes which are around $400. I am currently working part time and don’t make much money but I would want to see if I can make enough so that I can live comfortably over there. I want to live were the locals live but also with American style amenities. Things I should be able to cover are rent, food, restaurant dinners, public metro transportation, taxi service, bars, clubs, occasional drugs, concerts, weekend trips to the beach areas, and shopping.

Tijuana answers:

You can subsist in Mexico City on about $600-700 dollars a month. Not counting the cost of your Spanish course to do the things you wish to do, including traveling to the beach you will need at least 1500/month. Please don’t buy drugs here. Civil society wants the drug lords to go away and many of us who used to be recreation users have stopped just because we don’t want them to support them in any way.

Susan asks…

How would an American obtain a work permit in Mexico City?

My sister may move to Mexico City. She speaks some Spanish. Has good experience with office work. Would she apply before she moves to Mexico or once she is in Mexico? Also, do you think she will be able to find employment?

Tijuana answers:

She would need to get a work permit with an FM3visa….very difficult to get. She must find an empoyer who will write a letter to immigrtion stating he is giving her a job and cannot find a Mexican national to fill this job. This usually involves very highy tecnical work requiring highly skilled workers. He must sponser her work visa and the work visa is good only as long as she holds that job. Nobody is going to do this for an office worker.Wages are extremely low. It is not at all practical for a young Ameican to move to Mexico to work and make a living.She can check with the nearest Mexican consult toconfirm this info. See list below.

Betty asks…

How much do I need to make per month to live in Mexico City?

I’m just trying to find out about much money (in pesos) I would need to live comfortably in a 1 bedroom place in Mexico City with my boyfriend.

The job I will be starting when I move will pay around 8000 pesos per month.

I’m just trying to find out if this is enough and, if not, how much more I may need.

Tijuana answers:

It sort of depends on where you live and how much you are willing to suffer. You are only going to be making a little over $600 dollars a month and you can’t live on that anywhere in Mexico. I have a son in college in Mexico City who shares an apartment there and (not counting tuition) between rent, phone, internet, gas. Electricty, etc. And food we spend about $12,000 pesos a month minimum. His housemates have similar expenses. He doesn’t have a car, gets around on public transport.
I don’t see how two adults could possibly live in Mexico City on less than $25,000 pesos net per month.

Edit: phone + internet $400/mo. Minimum , cable/satelite tv $400/mo. Minimum (more if internet is part of the package), gas (if you bathe and cook) $800/mo.minimum, electricity is cheap unless there are problems in your installation and then it’s not cheap at all, water and sewerage are expensive and variable-landlords usually try to increase profit by charging you more than the actual water bill, 5 gallon jug of purified water $25 pesos. Most apartment buildings and condos have a security and maintenace person who tenents are supposed to pay.

So yes you CAN live in cruddy apartment with only a matress on the floor for furniture, have no tv, phone, cell, or net and risk food poisoning from eating at the stands on the street with 8000 pesos.

But if you really want to enjoy your time in Mexico City, even in a modest way, you will need a lot more money.

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