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Mexico City

Mary asks…

How much do bus fares normally cost in Mexico City and surrounding areas?

I’m traveling to Mexico City this summer and might need to use the buses a little bit. I may need to take a bus from Toluca Mexico to Mexico City and also from Mexico City to Veracruz. I just want to know prices because flying to Toluca from vegas is way cheaper than flying straight into Mexico City.

Tijuana answers:

The bus from Toluca is about 75 pesos or 7 dollars. Yeah Toluca is a bit boring so will not need more than a day there. Try to take the Flecha Roja buses, they are the cheapest

the buses to the city of veracruz are around 350 so 32 dollars

Linda asks…

How long does it take to drive from Mexico City to Orlando Florida?

I am planning a long 4 day road trip to Orlando Florida, I will be starting up in Mexico City (where I live). I know that it takes more than 30 hours just to drive from Tamaulipas, but I don’t know for sure the total road time. N E recomendations?

Tijuana answers:

According to my sources, it will exceed 4 days, at eight hours a day, nine to five. I’ve never driven in Mexico, but I’ve heard the roads are just a little better than Iraq.

Your boarder crossing could be a wiz or it could really drag out. Remember, no matter which lane you get in, the others will move faster.

This is a trip I wouldn’t take. I’ve driven al over the US and Canada.

Good luck

Lizzie asks…

What is the name of a public square area in Mexico City where it is common for people to be drunk and high?

I remember entering a public square in Mexico City and witnessing a bunch of people drunk and high in this area. From what I vaguely remember, I heard this public square allows you to do anything illegal, but I could obviously misinterpret that

Tijuana answers:

The square I’m thinking of in Mexico City is called “Garibaldi” but I’m not sure if illegal things are allowed. It was a common place for drinking in public and I did pay to see a cock fight there however. Hope this helps

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