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Mexico City

Robert asks…

Can English teachers in Mexico City earn a decent living?

I am aware the wages are fairly low, but say I had a good job teaching English in Mexico City, what is the cost of living relating from pesos to US dollars? Say I made around the lowest, $3 us dollars an hour, what can that get in Mexico City? Has anyone ever done this, any information much appreciated!

Tijuana answers:

This is really really poor!!!! The cost of living is really high especially mexico city, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, check it out for yourself

Ruth asks…

I introduced a coworker as being from Mexico City. Later I was accused of bigotry by my friend . Is it?

I introduced a coworker as being from Mexico City. Later I was accused of bigotry by my friend . Is it?

Tijuana answers:

No it’s not and anyone who would attack you for such a considerate revelation is not your friend. For generations, here in the South, this type of introduction was offered as an “ice breaker” and can be seen repeatedly in numerous period pieces and movies.

Mexico City is the oldest settlement in North America and a Federal District just like our capitol. Only a very superficial person would see something sinister in such an innocent existential remark. In the low light world of the self appointed speech police, common courtesy may be rather difficult to recognize.

By the way. California is the only state in the union that is named for a woman. Good Luck

Michael asks…

What’s the cheapest way to move from Minneapolis to Mexico City?

I’m moving to Mexico City in May, and I would like to know if there’s a fool-proof, cheap way to do so. I’m not taking a lot of stuff with me, but I am taking at least a truckload + my cat. Anyone? Also, I’m open to receiving advice on this venture if anyone’s already done this.

Tijuana answers:

Just want to be sure you know, you cannot move household goods into Mexico unless you have an FM3 visa…then you can do it only once. Is the truck your personal vehicle? Because rental companies will not allow you to take their vehicles into Mexico. Do you already have an employer? Do you know about getting a work visa? In general, it is better and far cheaper to bring just your personal items and buy household things after you arrive. You may email me if you have further questions.

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