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Mexico City

Joseph asks…

What is the population of Mexico City where the flu outbreak originated?

I keep getting mixed answers about this. On the wikipedia page it says that the city has the population of 8 somewhat million people but my boyfriend insists it is 28 million. I read that the Metro area of Mexico City has a population of 28 million or so. I am puzzled by their distinction between city and metro when it is a city and not a metropolis. I’m not city expert but was the flu break out in the city part of the city or the metro?

Tijuana answers:

Close to 9 million

it originated from a US military base and released in Mexico they called it swine flu but is really H1N1 this is flu bird flu, human flu and pig flu combined from other part of countries and continents and somehow it appears in Mexico.

Betty asks…

What time does the plane leave Mexico City to go to Tuxtla?

Arriving in Mexico City in the evening. Leaving for Tuxtla the next day, I hope.

What hotel near the airport would you recommend?

Tijuana answers:

I too am puzzled about your asking for the departure time, unless you haven’t booked it and are planning on buying a ticket at the airport. You should book it beforehand. Your question also assumes incorrectly that there is only one flight daily to Tuxtla.

The idea about staying in the center presented above, is a good one. The airport is not that far away.

The link was bad. This is the correct link:

A good choice in the center is the Hotel Catedral.

Mary asks…

How far is the station that Omnibus goes to from the Mexico city airport?

I need to take a bus from zacatecas to mexico city and omnibus has the best time. The problem is I don’t know where in Mexico it takes me. It says Mexico DF. Is that Mexico Norte? I usually go there. Can ya help me out?

Tijuana answers:

I am sorry Hilary but this question is as confusing as your last question that I spent 30 minutes trying to help you and you trashed my answer. Maybe you should ask the other guy….GFYourself. Go Find it Yourself. I gave you two links. Look them up!!

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