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Mexico City

Mandy asks…

What to do during 3 hour layover in Mexico City International Airport?

We are in a 3 hour layover in Mexico City from Dallas, and then we fly on to puerta vallarta. What is there to do in mexico city airport for 3 hours?

Tijuana answers:

I might not leave the airport either, but if I had even a LITTLE more than 3 hours, I sure would.

There’s Metro subways stops at the airport, and if you don’t have luggage and are comfortable navigating subway systems in major metropolitan areas in other parts of the world, it’ll be a snap. It’s cheap and you can get downtown and see a couple things before dashing back.

There’s also a tour service INSIDE the airport that specializes in taking people with layovers out for a spin around the city. Depending on how long you really have and what you want to see, it might be doable (but 3 hours doesn’t really leave you a lot of “play” time.)

And what is *UP* with those comments about the airport itself?? Mexico City has to be one of the EASIEST airports to navigate of the major capital hubs. I mean REALLY, it’s nothing much more than one big honkin’ LONG corridor. How hard is THAT?! It’s not like freakin’ JFK with 9 different terminal buildings. Sheeesh!

Have fun!

Thomas asks…

What should I wear in Mexico City so that I don’t attract the attention as a tourist?

I’m a 25 year old girl and I’m going to spend two weeks in December in Mexico. I’m planning to go to Mexico City, Acapulco and Guadalajara. I’m wondering what to wear so that I can blend in easily and be safe. It was written “Don’t wear jeans” in a traveler’s guide. Is that true?

Tijuana answers:

I wonder about these travel guides that say, “don’t wear jeans, don’t wear shorts, don’t wear nice clothes.”
Here is a typical scene of people walking down Calle Madero, a pedestrian street, in downtown Mexico City at night,

here is a typical scene in Parque Mexico a park in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City.
People dress about the same in all the places you mention.
I do NOT recommend Acapulco under any conditions. It is the most dangerous city in what is now considered the most dangerous state in the country.

Edit: here’s the Parque Mexico vid. Sorry I musta forgot to paste it in this morning.
and here’s another with lots of regular people in Mexico City dressed their normal way

I would like to add that the mean elevation here is around 7200 ft above sea level. During the day have a light sweater or jacket handy- it could be warm or it could be chilly. At night you will most likely need a jacket if outside.

Lisa asks…

What are some of the good shopping malls and places in Mexico City?

What are some of the good shopping malls and places in Mexico City?
I want to buy like designer stuff, from like Gucci, Dolce & Gabonna stuff like that Converse, Abercrombie & Fitch, lacoste all the expensive stuff, so where are some really good places to shop there? And does it have a website or do you know any stores that are there thanks for your help, and is mexico city close to like every in mexico?

Tijuana answers:

One of the best is ANTARA POLANCO, who is in the Polanco Zone and you can find all the brands you want.

But also we have Plaza Santa Fe, Mundo E, Parque Delta, Parque Lindavista, Pabellon Polanco and a lot of shoping malls.





And yes Mexico City its close of almost every in Mexico.

Good Luck.

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