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Mexico City

Mary asks…

What is the best and quickest way to get from Mexico City to San Luis Potosi Mexico?

I am flying into Mexico City from the US. I am going to San Luis Potosi. Should I just take a bus to Queretero then take another one from QTO to SLP? Or is there any buslines that go straight from Mexico City to SLP? I’d appreciate any advice – websites too. Thanks!!!

Tijuana answers:

ETN line has buses directly from Mexico Norte in Mexico City to San Luis Potosi every hour from 7 a.m. To 1 a.m. For 425 pesos. See site below.

Robert asks…

What are the racial demographics of Mexico City and Mexico in general?

I know its a weird question to ask but I’m planning on living there for a while and I’m wondering what the population characteristics are. Is it majority Mestizo? Does it have tons of Indiginous peoples? Does Mexico City really have a large European descended population?

Tijuana answers:

10% white,.-80 % percent mestizo and 10% of native americans.

As Salvador F said, most of the so called Mestizo are not really mestizo, some of them will be whiter and some will be 100% racially native american but living as Mestizos.

Native americans in Mexico are the people who still speak their native tongue, still wear their traditonal dresses etc.

Now the people from north of Mexico tend to be taller than the rest and have less Native American blood in their veins but still a lot Native looking. The more you travel south people tend to be darker and smaller, and racial differences between rich and poor is greater. Rich people tend to be whiter, poor people tend to be darker.

Mexico City is very cosmopolitan and you will find people from all over the world, a lot of Americans live there, but also Germans, French, Spanish, Italians even people from eastern Europe,

There is also communities that established in Mexico long time a go like the Venetians in Chipilo Puebla, Menonites and Mormones in Chihuahua, Russians in Baja, etc.

Carol asks…

What is it like at the Mexico City airport?

Im traveling with my 2 year old daughter and we are going to Veracruz Mexico but the plane stops in mexico city and we will be stuck there for 2 hours until our next flight…is the airport dangerous? I’ve just heard a few rumors about how dangerous mexico city can be and im real worried about being alone there for 2 hrs with my daughter…and no, no one will be able to come with me….if you have ever been there, do they speak english and is it easy to find my gate for my next flight? or is everything in spanish and complicated? Please share your experience, thanks.

Tijuana answers:

I don’t see the reason to be afraid , the airport has been recently renovated and even if you don’t speak a word spanish you will find your way around. There are several english signs with indications on how to access gates. The airport is VERY SAFE, there are hundreds of policemen (federal police, local police and private security officers). The airport receives HUNDREDS of flights from anywhere in the world every day, Mexico City is an important business place so you shouldn’t be concerned at all. If you find yourself in the need to speak to someone in english, anyone from the airline you fly should help you or you can proceed to the counters of the MANY american airlines that operate here (American, United, Continental, Delta, Northwest, Alaska Airlines, etc). The city has dangerous places but it also receives MILLIONS of tourists every year. People in the city is very kind to tourists, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Relax and enjoy the flight

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